Friday, July 31, 2009

Do The Breakdown~

I've been pretty hyper in school this afternoon. Should be the lack of sleep and the presence of flu and cough that makes me even more hyper. Lol. Sort of couldn't stop laughing. :S And I was being REALLY lame! REALLY LAME~~ Lol.

Found another loyal blog reader! Lol.
Right Sheryl~~ HAHA!

Okay, that was unnecessary...

Presentations so far have been pretty smooth. Just hope the meaning of smooth also means ace-ing the presentations. LOL! Two down, one more to go~~ My only wish now; to quickly recover from being sick. Zzz
Sucks to be clearing throat and coughing when doing presentations... x.x

Last lap for this semester; TWO MORE FREAKING WEEKS!!! :D I smell holidays~~
But the stench of exams are too overwhelming too, doubt anyone can ignore that. :S

Oh oh! That reminds me, next week - there'll be ROLE PLAY !! Lucky me, I got into the early batch. ^^ Quickly get over and done with it unlike Stephanie~~ Has to wait till the last week of school. HAHAHA! But then again... :S Totally (ME) has no confident with the one-to-one role play~~ :S "Luck", think I need a lot of that. (:

Pictures taken today~~
Only a few~~

Crazy about hiding her pimple~~ HAHA!

See what I mean?
Sheryl, this is really cute!

That's what studying does to Sheryl~ HAHA!

Favourite pictures for today~~

Ms. Popular/Jasmine's PS-er and Miss Lonely/Stephanie's PS target~~ x;

A love KISS triangle~~ Lol.

Going to rest now~ Bye!!

I forgot to watch "Desperate Housewives" this week. Zzz I think I was watching another show which is totally =.= because I die die also can't miss that DH!! ARG... @$#%@#$^%#$!@$%#@%@#

Okay, that was just something random I wanna complain about.


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