Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Say the Magic Word. xD

(This is going to be a long post because I suddenly feel like ranting... Too bored.)

Didn't attend school today - because I'm down with a fever. :S Was damn shocked when the nurse at the clinic told me my temperature last night. :( PS: People, please take good care of your health because the weather has been a horrible bitch!

I guess I'm supposed to be resting right now but lying on bed for too long makes my body ache and since my presentation slide is not done yet, got up to finish it. :S And since, uploading pictures take ages to finish; decided to upload them while doing my presentation and report. ^^

Yesterday was a tiring, painful yet very fun day ! :D Felt really sick due to throat inflammation but still went for school thinking there's Revision lecture. Zzz Turns out it'll only happen next week... Skipped last lesson to see doctor and meet up with a few NPCONCC mates to give Soohou a belated birthday surprise! :D But it wasn't absolutely successful because Weishan was spotted when Soohou walked pass. :S Tsk tsk! Spotted the dark corner

Anyhow, it was great fun being with/seeing them after sooooo long~~ :S
Okay, enough ranting.


First few are random pictures!~~

New hairstyle~

@ The saloon~~ :D

Randomly wanted to take pictures because we were colourful~ Lol.
But Limguan wasn't in the mood. :S

:D Yingling was asking us to do a rainbow arrangement, so lame. x; LOL.

Aladdin and Jasmine. HAHAHAHA!

Because of her cute pants~~

Siewcheng and I with a very extra Feifei on top. HAHA~

Next Up, @ Compass Point ; Soohou's belated birthday surprise~

LOL! Classic picture. x; Cindy looks so funnyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

While waiting for Soohou to reach "home", we settled down in KFC to wait for Yanling, ...

Eating~~ Lol.

Playing a fool~

and trying to hide from the crazy photographer...

Zzz Lol. Thanks ah Cindy!

Because I was opposite them, I had lots of fun taking shots at them. HAHA!
Cindy's damn hyperactive yesterday; couldn't stop moving like seriously...

Look like Cindy's being bullied?

Think again. HAHA~!

Cindy actually really bit her hair. LOL!

So when Soohou called Serene, we moved to some stairs to wait for his arrival. Obviously, he doesn't know we're there la. But because the stairs were surrounded by glass and Weishan was at a pretty obvious spot (we totally didn't realise), Soohou spotted the dark corner already. :S LOL!


Act only. x; Deep down inside, she wants to take pictures with me. HAHA.

The one who cleanly forgot the surprise~~ LOL!
Heartless... x;

Walking up to wait for Soohou~~

My skill's bad! Lol.

Preparing the cake~~

Lighting the candle~~

Cindy! The photographer~~

By then , medicine kicked in. Loll. Feeling drowsy~~~ But that was just a pose! ;x

Always trying to steal the limelight... Lol.

"Okay, time to blow the candles."
Serene!! Lol.

Birthday boy~~

Then, we took a random shot of us sitting down in which; we sat down till we were questioned by the security because it was out of nowhere.. LOL.

Taking me taking you~~~ Lol.

Omg, she's danm freaking dark~~

Serene's bag spoilt... :(

Sitting in the middle of nowhere.. lol

Trying to push Serene away~~

Suddenly, I like my gums. HAHA.

Trying to disturb me~~~ Haha...

Felt freaking short siol! Lol.

Soohou's motor cap. HAHA.

Evidence of Cindy's hyperactiveness. LOL.



Duckie ling..

Me and a lot of other extras. Lol.




Act cute only~

Favourite Pictures for the day~~

See, Limguan! You're inside this time! HAHA~

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