Monday, July 20, 2009

Interest VS. Scores/Future...


Skipped IPTNet for like the... 4th or 5th time?! So going to get my first warning letter. :S But since that lesson is wayyyyy too boring and is a total waste of my time, I can't be bothered. :D Just... the thought of getting a warning letter is... :S Lol.

Am supposed to be studying for the two tests tomorrow but I'm obviously not. Lol. And since I've nothing to do, I'm here!!!! :D
(Let me rant a while before I try to get some studying... Heh.)

Such a bad angle I am in. :S But, a promise made to Feifei. Lol.
She was commenting how ugly she looked in the previous picture I've uploaded and wanted me to upload this instead. Lol. Lazy to edit the previous one so, I'm dedicating this to Feifei! Lol. Troublesome girl okay! LOL~

Anyhow, school's getting really dreadful. I have no idea why but every time the Semester is coming to an end, I'll lose all determination, motivation and interest to strive - to do well. Been like that for the past three semesters - totally suck. I hate it when I lose interest in something. :S

The battle of choosing Business Track or IT Track has started to haunt me again. All thanks to Gary and Ryan who got me involved in this "Consultation" by our Course Coordinator... :S

It's either I go for my interest or go for something I can definitely score; in which will obviously help me with my University admission... Come to think of it; I do alright for both. Maybe, just maybe!!, a tad tad better for IT AND! I have interest in both, just slightly more interest in Business.
A really tough tough TOUGH choice alright!
Sigh... What a serious dilemma we're all in. :S

I think I'll just leave it as it is; it'll only be a difference of 2 modules. :D Just hope I'll be working with less complicated and problematic people for the 2modules...

Omo! I feel damn sleepy right now...
Sleep or stone? LOL!

Peace out yo!

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