Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Now I Know My A, B, C!

There was no tutorial today, and since the weather was soooooooooooooo good; I decided to skip the 1-hour practical lesson in the afternoon.
Talk about losing interest in school. Eeeek! :S

But, I didn't stay home to just rot. Though I did do a little of that. ;x Finished a little of my report and the summary for our articles. Zzz

Anyway... A stupid conversation I had with my sister.
Sister: Why didn't you go to school today?
ME Today's weather was so good, I stayed home...
Sister: Because there's eclipse that's why it'll rain.
I was wondering where the hell is the link...
ME: What's an eclipse?
Sister: When the moon covers the sun.
ME: Why will it rain?
Sister: There's no link actually. LOL!

=.=||| Stupid sister, I have. LOL!

Met my sister to get a cake! :D It's my dad's Chinese Birthday and since we didn't get to celebrate his birthday the last time, we planned a mini surprise for him. (Sort of to also congrate him for passing his test too) ^^
Well, it didn't really turn out too well because I was wiping my sis's keyboard, didn't hear the car and the cake was not lighted. :S Addtionally, I didn't lock the door on purpose. So when I heard the door, I ran out. -.-

It was damn retarded. When I saw my dad I screamed. LOL! Seriously, damn retarded. Lol. Adding on to my retard-ness, just when my dad caught a glimpse of the cake; I shut the door, quickly light the candle before opening it again. It was damn retarded! Lol. Can't stop feeling that way like seriously...

The not so surprised-surprised look! Lol.

Now you're officially a PM! :D Don't need to worry about the fine; I know you'll do just fine~~

The lovebirds. LOL!
They really do lookalike ya? Lol.

Feeling any goosebumps?

I know, I look damn cui here. LOL.
It's because of my specs~~

No sister picture because she say her hair was messy. LOL!

Making a wish!

LOL. Blowing the candle~~


Reminds me, Gary passed his BTT ! ^^ Congrats to you too. :D

Okay, back to work. :S


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