Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Pretended

I spent the afternoon trying to do a new blogskin (because I was inspired by a forum) but gave up. :S I really wanna have something new uh~~ How? :(

Had Limguan over during the evening to "study". Can't say we spent the 6hours efficiently BUT, we did study... :D


The girls invited me to join their Steamboat dinner on Thursday;
sort of to celebrate Limguan's birthday. :D

It was a really enjoyable dinner. Really out of the usual and nice! :D

Always trying to hide away from the camera~~

Siewcheng and Feifei~~

Starving like seriously!

The red one was FREAKING SPICY!!!! Lol. When I tasted it, I totally lost my mood to continue eating~~

Can't remember what were we waiting for...

We were there around... 5pm? Good timing for a steamboat dinner because as the night gets started, the crowded it'll get.
And friends will know how I hate crowds~~ :S

Main forcus? Limguan's LIPS! Lol.

LOL! Her lips were really swelling and red in real life!

Natural eating look. Lol.

:D Like this picture.
OMO! My hair's really long... Should I go for a haircut? :/

A lot of Limguan's candid shots~~~ :D

Siyi trying to hide from the camera. ~~ Lol.
The more she does it, the more I'll wanna capture every thing she does and all. hahahha.

:D I'm a mean person. Lol.

Sisters of the group~~ Lol.

No idea what was she doing... :S
Her table was filled with LOTS OF TISSUE PAPER! Loll. I have no idea why...

What was that expression for? Limguan~~ lol.

Then, Yingling started to bring in "Mantous" and all of us became crazy. LOL!

Mantou lovers! HAHAHA!


Yeah, we were crazy about it. LOL!

:D Treated her to this as a birthday~~

Outside the steamboat place.
Who says we need someone to help with taking a picture and to self-time? LOL!

Last picture of us!
Can't remember why we did this but I think it's because we were al hugging each other and someone suggested to take a picture. :D

Favourite picture of the day! :D

Friday was a random photo-taking day~~ Lol.

See what I mean? Lol.

While watching some video on youtube~
We were released early for one of our lessons~

Staying in the exact same room for 5 full hours makes you go crazy! Lol.

Oops. :x

Limguan's random-ness...

Favourite picture of this entry! :D

PS: I am so much happier! :D

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