Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Impulsive Shopping.

I was struggling with myself thinking if I should blog. But since I'm pretty bored, haven't been blogging for a while and is obviously not doing any studying or any of my assignments, I've decided to upload all the overdue pictures! :D

As for the random title; I think most good friends know what I mean. LOL.
(Too lazy to explain. ;x)

Life has been pretty awesome with all the mundane stuffs happening like always. Lol. School's been tiring, boring and (please insert all negative words you have in your vocabulary)~~~

Guess there's nothing much I really wanna mention right now... But life's been good; at least, I've been really happy!! Hohoho.


I think it's last week? Lol. We skipped our last lecture of the week and headed off to Bugis Illuma.. Or is it Ilumma?? Loll. Heck. Anyway, was there to have Limguan's bag changed before we decide to chill at Coffee Bean while th guys arcarde-d. :D
Awesome time together! Hehehe...
Should do more of those...

Great companion on that day while the guys were busy spending the next two hours playing in the arcade! Lol.

Spot me in Limguan's mirror! lol.

Watching something from Yingling's laptop...


Snap snap~~

Trying his best to avoid the camera. Lol.
But, Limguan's too good! Lol. I'm lazy to count or upload all Hadi's candid shots. But trust me, there WERE A LOT! Like seriously. :D

I know, this is really ugly. Lol.

:D Enjoyed the company that day!
Thanks also Hadi, though he was most of the time quiet. Lol.

Next, it's... I think... maybe??? Erm...
Monday! Lol. Skipped one of my lame tutorials and headed out to meet my mother.
Before having dinner to treat my cousin for his birthday treat, went over to my mum's friends' house. :D
There was this really cute girl; though I was really really exhausted, I got pretty hyped up at the end. Lol.

She got a pair of freaking BIG eyes. OMG! I totally can't stop talking about it siol. Zzz

Some pictures taken with her(below) - which also sums up the day because I didn't take pictures during dinner...

Lol. She look like some hamster here. ;x


Now, for TODAY! Lol.
It's Limguan, and Chiulee's birthday~~


Gave Limguan a mini birthday surprise and well, celebration in Koufu today. :D

The usual cake we use for birthdays. LOL!

Lighting it up~~


She was pretty shocked! lol.

Posing with the cake~

Making a wish~
(For me to grow taller maybe. LOL!)

Posing to prepare to blow the candle~~ Lol.

LOL! She look really funny posing to blow the candle! Lol. That's also a pose! Lol.

Finally asked her to just blow the candle. LOL!
(I'm always slow in taking such pictures so that explains the posing... Lol.)

Happy Limguan~~ :D

LOL! Only a few of us know why I did that.
PS: STEPHANIE TAN XY. I know I won't be of any power to stop you but please, stop it. If that doesn't work, then please don't let me know. Lol. Because I really don't want to. It's just heart wrecking and obviously very very disappointing. And I really mean VERY as in seriously VERY!
(Please don't any-'o'-how guess whatever you wanna guess okay, people.)

We love you Guanguan!! :D

Guanguan and Nienie. Lol.
Sad that the one in blue won't be able to make it tomorrow... :S


Limguan! Lol. This is the 7 out of the many many candid shots of you. hahah.
Don't worry, with me around; you'll definitely get a lot of candid shots! HAHAH!

The crew behind the surprise. :D
Honestly, I think this is a really good shot. Love this picture! :D

Okay, and now for two last pictures of me, Me, ME! Lol.


Goodbye! :D

PS: Oh no. Now, I'm really sensitive to "shining", "2pm", "2-o'clock" and whatever that might relate to them. Zzz

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