Friday, July 03, 2009

I Will Be The Same.

Just realise I actually posted these pictures last night without any captions. Lol. Not that it matters but... (: Yeah...

First and foremost, I would like to apologise to those who had to wait for my slowwwwwwwww replies in the past two days~~ Lol. When I'm home, I don't care about my phone's where about. So if there's anything urgent/important and you can't reach me through my mobile; just call my house phone. ;)

Anyway, for the past two days, they were spent with Xiaoxuan. Lol. This holiday has been nice because I've been spending a lot of time with Xiaoxuan. ^^ Plans were to study and yeah, we pretty much did what we planned. Lol. At least, I completed most of my darnass e-learning and Xiaoxuan finished her assignments. ;)

But along the way we had quite a number of breaks and stuff. Lol.

Day one! Web-caming when we're in the same room. LOL!

When she was doing something.
Omo! I just realise I didn't mosaic this picture as promised! ;x
(Hope she doesn't kill me)

SEE Xiaoxuan actually surfing the net instead~~ Lol.
Nahh... That's for her project...

Can you imagine? She actually spent almost the whole day to do a 10-slide PPT. Lol.

Xiaoxuan stayed over for the first night. But we both didn't get to sleep well. Lol. So she ended up going home around morning around 6plus. While I finally got my sleep... Woke up early; tiring...

The state of my room when xx sleep over. on Twitpic
The state of my room when she slept over. Lol.

Day two!
Hardworking TXX. Lol.

Evidence of drifting away from work. Lol.
PS: I was cutting my nails because I find them too long... Lol. But in actual fact, I was preparing to play some game. ;x Long nails are a bother...

Spot me in her lousy web cam! HAHAHA!

Using mine... ;)
Those with me in my usual specs are taken with my web cam and the rest, with hers. :D

LOL! Been a while since we last cam-whored.

Nice right? But you can't see TXX~~~ Lol.

Xiaoxuan unprepared??

Should I go for a hair cut???? :/



Oooooo scary TXX. Lol.

Funny ones coming up~~ Lol.

Weird shoulder. Lol.

LOL. I look damn retarded please. -.-

Big head alert!!

LOL. It'll be really funny and weird if someone actually look like this.
(Big head and small body..)
Oh wait, I have a friend who looks like this. ;x HAHAHAH.

Cute right? Lol.

I really like this effect...

Xiaoxuan was trying to figure this out. Lol.

TV-ing... No, just posing. Lol.

Phew~ I'm done! (:

I was just wondering; I'm really glad I am one of those who's really fast-tempered and one who doesn't live in the pain for too long. After ranting and complaining, I feel so much better and is back to the crazy self. Lol. How can anyone recover as fast as me? :/

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