Saturday, July 04, 2009

Bingcheng 18th Birthday Celebration.

Hello people~~ (:
Just came back from Bingcheng's 18th Birthday Chalet! Bathed and edited pictures, so here I am!! Hohoho.
Actually, I was back like at 0000hrs but... doesn't matter. :@

Sad that I can't stay la!!! !@#$#@%!@$#@$ BC, I'm really really sorry! Can't do last minutes. :( Blame that bimbo How Yanling! :D

HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY BC! (I'm late in this post, sorry ah!)
Apologies for not being able to stay over. :(

Anyway, I slept late and was woken up by JX's call at 11 this morning. Quickly finish one of my reports and waited for her arrival. Lol. After which, prepared to go out. Accompanied JX to have a haircut (No, I haven't cut my hair. Lol.) before we had brunch. By then, it was 1pm - I was starving! Lol. Then, we went to buy cake. I pity the pretty cake. Lol. It was tortured for the next 3 hours? Lol.
Because we brought it to UBI - to open an account for my driving stuff, then Hougang Mall - for some shopping and then roaming around before I head home. Lol.

(Wow, wordy. Pictures up ahead with more ranting! Lol.)

Taken while waiting for brunch...

In the bus to the chalet.
&Yupps, while roaming around - we brought the same shirt! Lol. Bought one for Yanling too...


When you get two bored Ps... (Panda and Penguin). Lol.
The short short Js and Ps. Lol. Just realise our names and nicknames has the same initial . LOL!

Plans were changed; JX came to my place instead. We both slacked and wash up around 5plus before we left for Bingcheng's chalet at 6pm. ;)
Met with Edmond first... Then, we walked to the park to prepare the surprise for BC. :D


While I was taking pictures! Lol. I did help okay, evidence up ahead...

I did touch ups to their doings. Lol. And I made it prettier!! Lol.

Edmond's polymates change Edmond ah! Lol. Now willing to take pictures liao. LOL!

SEE! Lol. That's me! Lol.

After which, Edmond couldn't stop taking pictures of me. =.=

If you can, spot the difference in design. ;) Hohoho!

That's part of me again ! Lol.


=.= Lol.

Freaking irritating! Lol. Kept doing that, stupid Edmond! Lol.

Retarded expression I had. Zzz Lol.


While waiting for the people to come over. ;)
Have to take a picture of the crew~~ Lol.
Thanks JX for the idea. ;)

Lighting the candles up.
THANK GOD I asked JX to change the "Birthday" to "B'Day"... You'll know why later... Can't imagine how long we'll take if it was "Birthday"...

Really a tough job, like seriously! Lol.
I tried and gave up. :@ Lol.

Halfway through, BC and crew came. Zzz Lol. So, we end up leaving BC somewhere while the rest helped out and stuff. Lol.

Now we all know how tough it'll be for guys who does that. Lol.

No more reluctance when taking pictures with us!!! Lol. So happy. HAHA!

Screwed cake. :(
My bad!

LOL! Spot the blindfolded BC! Lol.


Leading the way... BC kept hitting Edmond though. Lol.


ALMOST DONE!! Lol. But, a gust of wind ruined it and we had to do it again. -.-

Then we end up just lighting as many as we can. (:

Pretty right? Lol. It's prettier when you see it there.

So, we got BC to blow all the candles. Lol. He was like... "Wow~~~" Lol.

Last candle standing!! Lol.

I love this picture!!! Lol. (I took it !)

Testing Edmond~~ Lol.


Some group photos~~ Lol. Proper one at the bottom...

Individual shots! :D

We'll just keep it to ourselves okay, Weibin. :D Lol.

This effect is nice right? Lol.

Retarded Weibin. Lol.
That's them clearing up and moving off, back to chalet.

Lol. Self-proclaim artistic kkb. Lol. He kept using that lo!
But he can't even get the name right!! Lol.

No, it's just ashes. Zzz

Slacking in the chalet...
I was commenting how coincidence it is for Edmond and BC to have the same Birthday chalet... Lol. Good friends' fate. Lol.

Why? Because we seem to take this kindda pictures unintentionally and Jiaxuan haven't had her go to being at the top, in the middle. :D
See, we bought one for Yanling but she didn't say thank you UNTIL I asked her to... Lol.

See what I mean? Lol.
The top one was taken like... 4 years ago?! Lol. That's long okay!!! Lol.
The other two was taken this year. And it wasn't exactly planned. Sweet right? LOL.


Erhum~~ The VS. (inside joke).
See JX, I'm not going to expose it anymore! LOL.

Walking back to the chalet after we shopped for drinks. :)

Chilled in the room after a while outside...

Taking pictures WITHOUT Yanling. Lol. We did it on purpose..
That's Rosanne in the middle.. The extra one. Lol.

:D Guess who's the oldest. HAHAHAH!

Stupid Rosanne! Lol. Totally took an ugly one of me. :@ Lol.

Another picture in her cammie. Lol.

Some RETARDED picures below!!

Not ready~~
OMG! Yanling look freaking dark in here!

Not retarded YET.

Zzz Lol.

When I first saw it on my laptop. Lol. I totally cracked up. LOL! CUTE~~~


Thanks uh, Yongquan. Lol.
When Jasmine's engrossed with the TV. Lol.
I was actually just stoning. Damn tired.

Talking~~~ Hello..?! Lol.

Weibin look funny!! Lol.

Alrighty ! I'm so happy I'm done with this entire entry!! Lol. YES AH~~~
I'm such a hardcore blogger! It was actually 4.15am after I've finally got all photos uploaded and now, it's 5am!!!!
(In actual fact, I just wanna get over and done with this then tmr, I can study or something. Lol.) And, I'm getting lazy and all. Lol. All the short forms proves it.
Okay, that's unnecessary.
I need to get some rest like... NOW! Lol.

Love this picture and these two ugly people! LOL~~ Kidding la. I'm like ranked the last lo. Sad sheep. Lol.




Night people~~


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