Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tub Tub Tub~~

This week has been the best break ever! Though there were project meetings and work to do here and there; this week is simply awesome! Lol. But, enjoyment sometimes come with sacrifices- I am officially broke! Spent a lot, like seriously, for the whole week. :-(

Bought stuffs for myself, sister and dad. Haha. Not forgetting on food and other necessities when outside. Definitely created a big fat hole in my pocket.
Now, it's time to get back on track- save money and work academically... (:

Going to make full use of my last week of term break- enjoy while still slogging for school! Lol.
Okay, that was rather random and unnecessary. But anyway, i just wanna rant. Lol.

THURSDAY evening&night was really well-spent with NPCONCC. Omo~ It's been a while since we last met. (: It felt absolutely nice with them. Haha!
Met up with Yaping and Weishan to settle some things before we head off to Lances'. Bumped into Cindy on the way too. Impromptu decision to Chompchomp! and met Serene, Samuel and Gary at the bus-stop.

Had a decent dinner and we all smelled of BBQ-ed food. Zzz Lol. "Liquid Chicken Kitchen" was next on the agenda. Simply spent the night together slacking, playing, chilling, drinking, cam-whoring and just... sitting around. (:

With Serene before she left~~

(: We really should do this more often WHEN WE ARE ALL FREE! ;)

Well, the main objective for this little gathering was to do a simple birthday celebration for Lance and Cindy.

(: Though it was a late celebration, hope they enjoyed and loved it anyway. :D

Making wishes~~

Posing for the camera. Lol.

Lance closed his eyes~~~ -.- Lol.
Again again!!

And then Cindy tries to be funny imitating LAnce. Lol.

Horrible tomato? Lol.

Lance gave it a try too. :D

After Serene left, and when Jolene join in. :D

Lol. Favourite picture of the night~~

Left early because my parents came to fetch. (:

Friday to Sunday
was fantastic! (:

Checked into hotel on Friday with many other locals~~ There were some promotions going on so many locals decide to have a retreat over there. ;)
Weishan! It's not weird to be staying in a local hotel okay! See, we're all l helping to boost the economy. LOL! Moreover, it's free for my mother!! Hahaha.

Will not go into details because I've got another thing to do. ;x
But anyhow, it was a good stay~~ Really had a great time over there with 80% of our time in the room and 20% out. Lol. Nice outing with family^^

Yeah, really low level. Zz But it was a club house. Haha.

First night.

Didn't take a lot of pictures because I was more interested in relaxing. ;x

LOL! My cute sister over at our breakfast table the next morning. (:

On our way to Thomson to watch my sister perform. (:

Though her performance was only... 40 seconds? Lol. It was still nice...

With other kids~~

Was rather impressed by some 6-7 year old kids composing songs. 0.0

Bought that shirt for dad as a Fathers' day gift! (:
He look funny in here. Lol.
Anyhow, that was taken after dinner~~

Scary? :/

That was my sis. Lol.


:D It's a long walk in...

HAHA! My really adorable dad~~~
Sis bought him baby donuts as a Fathers' Day gift...

Up close! HAHAHA.

This morning~~ While waiting ot be seated for breakfast...


That's all! :D


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