Thursday, June 18, 2009

Be Responsible For Yourself

Was remembering some stuffs and conversations;
there has been quite a number of dramas happening around my life right now. :/ Not many concerns me but somehow; from all these drama, I think that people should always be responsible for themselves. For their work, their studies and simply every single thing in their life.

The main thing is to not be a burden to someone else, especially to a friend or someone who's important.
No wait, no one should ever be a burden to anyone they know. That will be irresponsible of someone if they were to be a burden to someone else.
(Unless you are SERIOUSLY ill or something because that's something no one can really help or change.)

Just a notion. But if anyone of you feel pricks, I think you should start thinking about what's going on in your life. And what the people around you might feel about the stuffs you're going through or whatsoever.

Yesterday was a great day out with my penguin and my duckie. Lol. Jiaxuan and Yanling.
Was suppose to meet at 2.30pm but we end up seeing each other an hour later instead. Plan for the day out wasn't exactly clear but the objective was to do some catching ups.

Hell, these two ladies share the same opinion about doing heart to heart talks. Lol. And that's to do them only when we meet up. :@ Lol. So irritating. ;x But, sigh, I can't do anything about it but to get used to it and wait. :o Lol.

First stop - Bugis! We missed Dhoby Ghaut because we were too caught up in chatting. So we end up alighting at Outram? before heading down to Bugis.
(I have no idea why I went into details for that.)
Anyhow, shopped for an hour or 2? Maybe for 3 or 4 hours uh. Lol. Yanling wanted to go K-box so we did wrapping up of shopping and went for a tea break. ;) That was before we cabbed down to Hougang Plaza. :D

Tea break @ Ilumas' Coffee Bean. :D

Did a lot of talking but most of the time, the other two were cam-whoring while I was enjoying the surroundings. Lol.
Iluma is a nice place. The toilet looks really pretty from the outside. LOL!

While Jiaxuan and I were ordering the drinks...

Yanling: "Wah! So, I'm suppose to guard your bags?"
Me: "My camera's in my bag. Your best companion."
Silly Yanling starts giggling. =.= Lol.

Sickening of them to keep taking tak-glam pictures of me. Lol. And nope, I won't be uploading them. Hehehe. Cake is more important than taking pictures!!

The double Ps. Lol. Panda and Penguin. :D
I realise I take a lot more pictures with Jiaxuan than with Yanling. :/ And I wonder why...

Yanling has really changed. Instead of her usual obsession with girl-sight-seeing, she has started to look at guys. LOL! She sort of couldn't stop talking about the cute guy behind me. Zzz Hahaha.

Some random shots...

I think I look funny in here. Lol. And the reason is because Yanling literally bang-ed our heads together. Like seriously, it was painful and sudden. Loll.

The two crazy cam-whores. Lol.
Yanling is getting darker every time I see her! Lol. Omo~~~

I think we love to do these kindda pictures. Haha.
But if I were to change position with Yanling; I'll be looking motherly. :S Lol.

I kindda like this picture. But I don't like Yanling to be inside. HAHA!
Always snatching the limelight. :S
& SEE THE DIFFERENCE IN OUR SKIN COLOUR! Omg, I'm freaking fair. Lol.

Can't get enough of photo takings. ;)

Down the escalator...

YES AH! One without Yanlings' interference. ;)

Outside Iluma...
The only thing I've spent on yesterday were food, cab and on K-box. Same as Jiaxuan. But as for Yanling, she had fun shopping. HAHA!

While waiting for cab. Lol. Random.

Walking to another place because there was no luck there for cab. :/

Yanling's crazy idea. I forgot why...


Talked a lot too. Girls really do have a lot to talk about. Lol.

I don't exactly agree with this...

Headed to Hougang Plaza for K-box~~ :D
This time, we didn't exactly sing the usuals. Lol. We chose more songs that we don't usually sing which was nice. At least, it was out of the blue and not the usual. Hehehe. Had a fun time but dang! Mr. Gastric had to come and spoil the fun.
I'm thinking hard; why the hell does he keep giving me hell when I'm NOT STRESSFUL and has been eating correctly?! =.=

Stupid fringe of mine. :E
Now a even obvious skin tone difference. Lol.

The flasher for the night! Lol.

Hell, I'm taking ages to finish typing this entry. Zzz Imagine doing an entry while voting for something in 4 browsers every 10 seconds. Kudos to me man, like seriously! Lol.

No, I'm not the one who's hogging on to the mic. Lol. Just that, whenever they sing; I don't snap them. Lol.

I had to help them take some shots too. Lol. Troublesome typical girls. HAHAHA!

While either one of them were singing...

I was playing with Yanling's bf's iTouch! Lol.

Love the taptap game... Haha
Anyone wanna get me one iTouch? :/ LOL!

Always purposely disturb me. Boo~~~ Lol.

Hahaahha! I know, I look freaking retarded in here.


Yanling's SA (silly acts)!!! Lol. Left us all laughing.

We could sing until 2am. But because there's Jasmine Chua in the outing, I've got a curfew to abide. :@ So, we left the place about 11.20pm and slowly stroll back to my place.

THANKS A LOT MY PENGUIN AND MY DUCKIE FOR SENDING ME HOME, RIGHT TO MY DOORSTEP!! :D At least, we get to talk a lot more during that few more minutes. Hahaha.

Favourite picture of the day~~~

No matter what happens in life; remember to cherish every important things you love. Like your family...

PS: Didn't realise they are actually getting on more people's nerves. :/

PS: Every one of us deserve what people think about us because that's how we actually protray oursevles. To actually change these bad impressions, we better do something about it. Else, live with your critics.

I AM SO FREAKING PROUD OF MYSELF!! Lol. I actually survived blogging for like... and hour WHILE voting every 10seconds! LOL. Kudos~~~ :D Freaking happy to see the votes getting closer too!!! Hohoho.
Now wait, I realise I haven't played SIMS3 for 3 consecutive days~~ Lol. I miss my Amos family. ;x LOL!


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