Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Voting Every 10Seconds. :S

It's been 7days since I last updated (according to the date)~~
Many things have happened and term break has started! (:
Will not go into details because nothing surprising or exciting happened. :D

Celebrated Weibins' birthday last Thursday (11June) with the few EC mates. It was a really simple dinner. And I hope Weibin was happy. :)

It was exactly cold there. Lol. And a lot of people have asked about the jacket;
I shall take it, they're surviving winter like one of them said. LOL!

The cake for him. (:
I doubt he expected this because he was shocked when the waiter brought it in. ;)

Then, Yanlings' stupid dare came. Lol.
Asked him to pinch the flame instead of blowing it.

&&& asking him to use his mouth to bite out the candle.
Took him a really long time please! Lol.

Some random shots. (:


Us all that day. (:

More pictures can be found HERE!
(I'm not sure if you need to sign in or something.. It's in facebook. ;)

PS: I hope they start living up to their age. It's freaking annoying.

Weekends were well spent either at home or out with my family. ;)

& To kick start the holiday, met up with fellow Excos(07) on Monday after jogging with sister. :D It's been a long while since we last met. :D Did a very simple gathering; lunch-ed, movie-d, arcade-d and supper-ed. :)

Some random shots from the MRT to the movie The Cathay.

Diana and I were the only punctual one uh! Lol.

Lunch at Pizza hut...

Hakim, the self-obsessed. ;x Lol. And the main photographer for that day. :D

Diana said it wasn't her day to take pictures. Lol.

Catchup-ed and planned for Mr. Rafi's farewell gift. :D


Shopping at "Made With Love".
They stuffs are like freaking expensive. Zzz

Shopping at Spotlight.
We didn't get anything in the end. Lol.


:D More stuffs they did. Lol.

Then it was Daiso. :D
Met a couple of people over at Plaza Singapura; coursemate, friends' sibling, classmates... :D

MOVIE WAS FREAKING FUNNY, I TELL YA! Lol. Watched "Land of the Lost". Hakim called it LOL and it was really a LOL movie!! Lol.
The content is pretty much stupid and unrealistic but, the laughing points are really good! Hahah. At least, the theater was filled with a lot of laughter...
Arcade-d for the rest of the time there at Plaza Singapura until the shops all closed. ;x Lol. Wanted to take pictures on the way to the MRT station; but this lady ruined everything. -.-
She said we could be sue-d for pornography. =.= Well, we accidentally had her in the picture only. -.-

After which, i browsed through the pictures we took and realise she looked into the camera. I'm not sure if what she did can be called posing. ;x LOL.

Poor Nizam, came down to meet us and watched the movie for less than 45minutes. :(

MRT-ed back...


Back to hougang malls' macdonald because Hakim and Aaron was still hungry?! Lol.

That sums up that day. Lol.

Click here for more pictures~~~

Finally started one of my projects yesterday meeting up with Rachel, Daohong, Siewcheng and Fredrick! Project's smooth sailing but I hope we can really complete it well. :D
Meeting lasted for quite a while and I was late to meeting Gary, Nicholas, Darius, Kristoffer and Eugene. Lol.

Was suppose to meet them at 5pm but I only reached the place at... 6pm?!! Lol. Was late in the morning too. :S Dinner-ed at yuki yaki before we went window shopping and such.
Headed off to HMV, why they don't sell the latest album?! -.-;
After which, bought cake and "surprised" Eugene at Raffles City. I think? Lol.

The gathering was meant for Eugene's birthday celebration. Well, belated.

Okay, I'm lazy and is lost for words.

PS: Back to crazy voting for them!! HWAHWAHWA!!

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