Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dad and Garys' Birthday...

*Phew~ Few more minutes to 25th~


Well, I've said my piece in both cards so I'm going to just wish them again here.(;

Today's pretty much normal - sadly.
(Pictures up ahead. :D)

Anyhow, dad was being rather heroic! Haha. Though it was his birthday, he pretty much serviced his loved ones. Lol. He bought breakfast, sent me to Gary's, accompanied my sis to the doc, drove my mum out for groceries and most importantly- gave his birthday a miss. :x
My family is unfortunately down with some virus, and apparently I'm strong enough to withstand the germs. Lol. Main point here is; because the other two women are quite sick- dad decided to skip celebration this year.):):):):): it's such a simple birthday for him that the whole family just stayed at home together. Should have bought a cake at the very least! :(:(:(:(:(:(

Apart from that, gave Gary a small surprise in which didn't work right. Lol. Waited for Steph and Hadi before we head up and pressed the door bell without preparing the cake and all- guess who opened the door?
Yupps, Gary. Zzz Lol.

So, we ended up just going in did the usual and slacked. He was sort of having some hang over so we just sat around.
Hope he liked the cake and the awesome card though. Haha.

Only picture taken when he's at the door. (:

Before he actually saw the back of the card. ;x LOL!

Cake from Mdm Ong. (:




Yeah, there were just 3 of us~~
Because most of our classmates spent the night over at Garys' for a mini drinking celebration for him already. :S




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