Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quick Pictorial Update!

Her ugly nails and my short but pretty two fingers. LOL!
TXX, get the other pictures from me! Lol. Lazy to upload all.

Damn, I AM fair. Lol.

I look so kiddy. Zzz

She purposely took the picture when I was behind her on escalator. x.x


I'm emotionally paralyzed. Sigh. Saw a group of friends prolly doing some gathering yesterday during dinner- emotions and thoughts started to occupy my head.

Damn. I feel like a loser right now. Missed a lot of activities and events this whole week!!! Zzz Honestly anticipated all of them when I was informed.

But because my first week was such a blast; i got so scared financially and academically. !!! Dang it. That was the extra push for me to really skip the plans - on top of my other reasons. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(
And maybe because I've been home for the week(well, almost) i feel a tad out of place. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

PS: Please take extremely good care of yourself. Stay strong and keep that bright smile on at all times~ FIGHTING!

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