Thursday, April 09, 2009

Random and Crazy.

Late night sleeps causes hair-fall. OMG!

Hooked on SHINee now. uh oh! (I am still not obsessed yet TWS!)
Not realy addicted to Harvest Moon DS Cute anymore.
Missed dinner at Lance's yesterday, last minute. :( Apologies.
Not feeling 100% healthy recently. :/
Must be the overdosed watermelon. :S
Excitedly waiting for my necklace from Xiaoxuan.
Anticipating tomorrow's Eye checkup.
Prays extremely hard for me to pass tomorrow.
Hopefully can enjoy tomorrow's outing with mama and her friend.

&Late night sleeps cases hair-fall. OMG!

Yes, Soohou's behind.
Feeling rather random right now. :/
I miss my short hair because the length I have now is pretty annoying. :@
Still bewildered with what I should do to it though. @#$%^&%$#@

Late night sleeps causes hair-fall.

I need to go to bed now.

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