Thursday, April 09, 2009

Laughing Day~~

Long laughing day started out freaking early. Lol. Mum changed plans because Dad was being "ahmad" for the day. ;) So, we didn't meet her friend. BUT! We went around 1/4 of Singapore for the whole of today~~~ :D :D :D :D :D :D


Woke up early- prepared, breakfast-ed, went for Eye Checkup at SEC (APPROVED!!!) which took like 2 hours?!, Dad settled his stuff, lunched at Jurong Point's Toast Box, walked around, sent money to AUNTIE EDDIE!! :), had vacuum cleaner fixed, Dad went to settle another thing, praying at "four horse road" (Si Mah Lu~~), OG-ed, tea break-ed at Plaza Singapura's Gelare, Carrefour-ed, shopped, waited for sis, movie-d, dinner-ed at Crystal Jade, walked around for digestion, home-d, arranged flowers and return prayers before blogging after bathing. ;)

Above done - all thanks to Daddy! Who brought Mum and I (erhum, sister in school) around~~ Hehehe. Had quality family time today and Mother was freaking cute and funny! Bimbotic as always. ;x Haha!

Didn't buy anything at all though! But I got some make-up thingy. =.=||

Was thinking to watch "Mall Cop" but mum bought "Knowing" tix instead. :( ANYHOW, IT WAS A GOOD SHOW. :D

Knowing Poster by AsceticMonk.

Storyline, which reminded me of two other movies(not exactly related though), was nice and pretty 'smooth'. There were some parts, I have no idea why, that sent chills down my spine. Lol. Weird, but... ya, just weird. Lol. Maybe also a tad touchy, I guess? Because I heard some crying from behind me. ;x Lol.
Graphics were pretty awesome! Awesome awesome awesome... Maybe except for a part or two. Was really awed and impressed by most of the 'disasters'.

Overall a pretty great film. Well, at least for me, it is.
(Some teens left the theater exclaiming how lame the story and ending was.)
Not lame to me because I didn't exactly expected the ending, which was good. :D But some parts are a bit unrealistic luh. :D

Rating it 4.5/5. Think it's worth it, even for the ex weekend tix cost. ;)

My POV anyway. :)

PS: Takes a second to say "I Love You" and a lifetime to show it...
PS PS: Still bewildered. TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!

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