Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Just bored...

Been a longgg weekend (&monday)... :D
Lazy Saturday and Sunday~~ Spent practically the whole day at home rotting with the whole family. Lol!

BUTBUTBUT! Had a pretty Saturday night and a scrumptious dinner at Clarke Quay's Riverwalk Jumbo! :D

with... with... with...

Parents and my sister's friend~~ :D
(Have no idea why but my mother wanted to treat them.)

Dinner was great. I was bloated! Lol.

Night was still young over at Clarke Quay when we left...

You jump, I jump?!

My mum wants people to guess what this is. =.=|||




"Jasmine, take a picture of that..."

Spent some time looking at people playing the bungee jump and stuff... Sent Jason and Felicia home before we headed home. No idea what I did after that but prolly just watching TV. LOL! &my sister just drop dead. lol.
Ohohoh! Also received a really... "wow!" news that night. ;x

Finally went to saomu yesterday! :D Nothing much to be excited about uh. But just... :) It was a longggg morning and the weather almost killed us alll~~~~ Almost rain though (always happen when we go sao-muing)- Lol.
Finally made an appointment!!! Hope I can passs. *prays hard hard hard!*

No idea what to do to my hair. :(:(:(:(:(:( Mum keep asking me to cut short again. :/

Have been really hooked to HARVEST MOON again!! Llol.

Dinner later at Lances'. :D
(Pray hard I know how to get there! Lol.)

PS: Just bored.

PS PS: Feeling oddly empty today. :/
(Got affected by the songs I'm listening to...)

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