Friday, May 25, 2007

lazy me..

i want to watch : "Men in White"!! =]

YEAHS!! great that i don't have to save anymore- being in a poor financial state can really turn me off. lols.
meet-the-parent session's today. went pretty well i guess? met up with my sister's teacher too. didn't expect her to remember herself teaching my class once but i agree that my class two years ago was pretty naughty. hahas.
saw some juniors (sec2s) pictures and the behaviour of their classmates in class. it really reminded me of my life during sec2 and, it's weird having to recall how decent and innocent they looked when i first took them over. now, they are all grown up and rebellious like how my classmates become. lols.

i want to go to the library to study!!
sighs. everyone seem to be busy with schoolwork; not forgeting myself.
i just realise that my weekdays are packed with lessons and tuitions. gosh. how i wish i can have spare time for extra revisions. gotta work doubly hard this June. i certainly don't want to be repeating what i'm studying now next year.
she was right, too confident. sighs. i'm going to start on my humanities this time~ i swore to my parents that i want to see at least a B for all my subjects in my O'level certificate when i receive them and i'm making sure i get what i want.
*cross fingers*

i'm feeling lazy these days but i still feel like changing my blogskin. thanks to my sister. hahas. getting her to do the job since she's pretty free this holiday? envy her much! lols.

i'm so getting use to early lights out these days. buhbye!

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