Sunday, May 27, 2007

mixed up

didn't get a good night sleep last night. couldn't stop mixing up with today being a Sunday or a Monday and my stomach kept churning. -.-
sighs. still deciding whether to wear white long sleeve tomorrow or my blue uniform. i would prefer the white long sleeve because my blue one is kindda short but Fatin and co. prefers the blue uni. sighs.

got to know my index for Chinese tomorrow. it's 0050 and i'm sitting beside Lijian and some EA guy (if i'm not wrong). infront of me is BingCheng and behind is Zhiyu? lols. feel kindda excited yet worried at the same time for tomorrow. just hope i can score a B4. i don't ask for much. lols.

starting on assignments at 12? sighs. read her blog and felt kindda sad. she keep saying that she's lonely but she always prefer her guy to her friends? contradictions.

was pissed last night but glad that everything is over. sighs. so much to say but can't put them to pieces.

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