Sunday, May 27, 2007

new blogskin~ (:

YEAHS! new blog skin. lols.
somewhat similar to my previous one but i still like this new one. ^^
all thanks to my sis for doing this and completing it within a day? lols. bet she would be happy with me mentioning her in one of my posts. -.-

tomorrow's the day~ hope Darius would recover fast from the vomiting. eee~ think about vomiting; tasting the bile halfway through our throat. YIKE! really hope Darius can make it tomorrow. sighs. must take care eggie!! (:
our first O level paper tomorrow. that's fast- hope i can score at least a B4 bahhs. wish me luck~ [:
didn't manage to achieve what i aimed for but still, i done some Maths questions. lols.

going to read some Chinese proverbs soon. =]
buh bye!

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