Monday, May 28, 2007

Chinese paper..

sighs~ first O level paper today and i think i might have flunk it already. pretty sad that i can't get my target again. setting goals suddenly seem pointless without being about to achieve them.
first was my paper 1 didn't have enough time for the composition because i re-wrote the letter THREE times and end up with 40+ minutes for my composition which is obviously not enough? what's more, i was left with like 5 more words to complete the composition? gosh~
then, it was paper 2 where i spend a long time in the first two sections beause i thought i would get headache for the last two so it's better to score better in the first two? but it end up limiting my time for the last two EASY comprehension. well, not both are easy; only the first one though. good thing i was able to complete the first comprehension while for the last one, i left a question blank and the rest, i lifted from the passage TOTALLY! sighs. how can i be so stupid? never learn from my lessons for spending too long a time on my previous doings. and, i answered in the wrong question. -.- i answered Q21 on the blank lines for Q27.. -.-
lols. forget it. i'll just have to remind myself not to take a long time doing the start of the paper for the sake of the rest for my other remaning papers.

after paper, crapped for a while outside the hall and went out for lunch at Hougang Mall. first time, yanling was with us! lols. then, went to popular to buy a wanted pencil and fulscape. it's really funny how the-one-who-is-still-sneezing-in-her-blog, Weishan, gets scared when i say i want to buy fulscape. lols. she was like.. "ohh no~" serene too! lols. but, i've already got an idea what i want, just wanted to disturb weishan.
and, i'm NOT paranoid just a little particular about things. ^^ i'm still nice okayy~ lols.

after that, we headed home joking. =]

ohh yeahs, anyone has any idea what is "zhimahu" in English? it's something sesame but what is the full of it? lols. don't ask me why though. ^^
watching channel 5 now, relaxing and laughing at the humour feeling sleepy. -.-

buh bye! lols.

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