Thursday, May 24, 2007


found this picture in Agnes' friendster account..

anyway, today's the LAST DAY of TERM2~ YEAHHS!! then again, June Intensive.. -..-
what a disasterous day.

first, we pissed our Chinese teacher off with no apparent reason. then, there were quite a number of errors in my coursework. minutes later, got pissed off but left anyway. soon, soohou was talking to the police for some peoples' crazy act. and, abandoned jiaxuan, leaving her alone to wait for her mother in hougang mall. later, alighted at the wrong bus stop and end up walking for a long distance with weishan. in the end, reached home and slacked (which wasn't what i wanted to do).

it's a bit stupid larhs. expecially the first incident. she's crappy, unreasonable and a little too naggy. she's overall a good teacher though. but then again, i hate the words that come out of her mouth and lecturing people who didn't do anything wrong at times.
she was a bit unreasonable and demanding about that stupid chair and, she pointed at me for nothing.. -.- always saying that we don't deserve this, don't deserve that. unfortunately, most of us only behave the way we did in her pathetic and boring class.
it was a good thing she left the class but, her absence in class made me realise how irritating he is.

4 more days to Chinese O levels. i really hope i can do it- although i know it's kindda impossible; since i get attacked by headaches whenever i come across too many chinese characters.
*cross fingers*

looking forward to our class chalet!! it's surprising that almost the whole class is staying overnight and i'm really really glad that i had miscalculated the funds in the first place. i don't have to save for anything now!! lols.

gotta start on some assignments soon. =]
i miss the days talking to weishan and chatting with cindy on MSN.. :(

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