Thursday, April 12, 2007

Visit to Sam and RP..

today's our career day, yet another day without studying. ^^
attended a number of talks and i feel much more clear of what i want to aim for after Os. few more months to go~

after the talks, we went to the respective schools we are assigned to visit. Republic Poly was what we chose but i think i would really like to se Ngee Ann Poly. Sighs. ohh well.
after the whole event, we went back to school and waited for mdm ong to tag along while we visit Samuel for the second time. he looks much much better compared to the day before.

here are some pictures we took~


our new 7 eleven's ambassors.. was kindda dumb thought~ LOLs.
Gary, Soohou and Agnes.

Samuels' hand the first time we visit him. kindda scary.

see the difference? both are his hands but there's such a big difference in size.

before we left, we took some pictures with samuel~ =]

NPCCs on the left side while CO, GuZHENG and AVA on the right side..
Samuel is real fortunate to have so many friends visiting him. we thought that we might get lost in the hospital but when we saw a bunch of Serangoon students outside the ward, we knew we are not wrong. LOLs.

WeiXin wanted both of us to take picture i don't know why.. see, sam looked so tired~
after visiting him, we took more pictures outside.

weixin and me.. out complexion looks similar but in real life, it's a contrast~ LOLs.
soohou and me..

gary and me.
in his blog, he said we were identical.. but, i don't think so, the head size is already an issue. LOLS.

my history partner~ LOLs. serene always entertain me during history lesson by drawing on my paper. lols.

Stephen and Soohou acting gay..

disgusting right? everyone present was laughing like hell.

they are laughing at themselves too. LOLs.

i have no idea who took this and why i post it up. -.-

the two gays~ LOLs.

Samuel looked so much better on today larhhs~

soohou and i.

the 4eBs.
me, darius, jiaxuan, gary and hayati.

gary wanted to show his butt but when i took it, it was too late.. LOLs.

big head, eggie and me~

darius and jiaxuan with their stupid face and me..

darius, me, jiaxuan and gary~
both guys acting cute. LOLS.
so, this is yet another week where we slack and had not much day of lessons. ^^

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