Monday, April 09, 2007


everything has ended beautifully and now, it's time to get back to reality. sighhs. currently, my reality is that dumb, boring and BORING school.
i really don't get it. what does studying what we are now going to help us in future other than that certificate? sighhs.

anyway, something happened today. Samuel's hospitalised. SADDENING. i'm so gonna miss my English class partner. who knew something like that would happen?
well, i heard that he was doing his shuttle run where he slipped and fell in which, he dislocated one of his arms. sighs. i felt so weird when i settled down and started thinking about he bearing the pain. the way they described were creepy but true. how can things like that happen when people least expect them to?!?
it's a pity we couldn't visit him today. will do so tomorrow and i'm looking forward to it!! sighs. just hope he's alright~

no mood to post anything anymore. sighs. i miss my maomao!! :[
i'm so not disciplined~

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