Saturday, April 07, 2007

more pictures from Royal Plaza..

yet another day at Royal Plaza. night was okay but the fact that we had to sleep on the floor was still bad. LOLs. the floor was hard and we only had two sheets to "soften" the texture. lols.

anyway, today was a great day. had dinner out alone with sister at Takashimaya. ALONE~ for once at night in Orchard.

walked around and settled down in Delifrance.
service was kindda bad though. maybe it's because we were kids that's why they were kindda biased~ we ordered ice lemond tea but they served as peach tea.. then, our food took a long long time to arrive, was irritated like hell~
anyway, some pictures for the post.

our table number.. took this picture out of boredom. they made us wait lorhhs~

our room number. ^^

bought special donuts from this shop. taste not bad but it should be savoured right about you buy it. =]

there!! we bought only three because we were bloated after eating our dinner.

then, we walked pass this cake shop, i couldn't help it but stop and look at the cakes. =]

and then, i decided to buy this three.. wasted that i didn't try the strawberry shortcake, dad ate that. i love the other two cheese cake~ the only ones without lemon taste.. ^^

More Pictures Taken During Last Nights' Dinner.

this looks delicious but i didn't taste it. sad larhs. was too busy with my other cakes le.
but actually, i'm not really interested in this larhhs. LOLs.

my sister took this. the chocolate and strawberry mousse. aww~

dumb right? LOLs. my sister took this.

finally ate it~ LOLS.

my sis's turn. LOLs. everytime there's the chocolate dipping thingy, she will eat them.

see, she looks so happy~ LOLs.

the only piece of cake we wasted. sighs. =s

this is totally gross~ my sister did it, disgusting!!

hmms. i didn't know why my sister took this..lols.

i like the way they displayed the candles. sweet and romantic. aww~

after our dinner, back to our room. LOLS.

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