Friday, April 06, 2007

Royal Plaza at Scotts.

i'm now in Royal Plaza at Scotts, a hotel. everyone wonders why i stay in the hotel when i have a home. well, i have no idea too. my mother just says that they don't like going overseas and since she can claim the spending from her company, so here we are. -.- kindda lame but, ohh well.
weekends here will be kindda ruin because i still have to complete assignments~ just had my dinner with my sis downstairs, it was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!! i simply love the pasteries~ but it's a pity we can't have dinner as a family.. it was a complimentary dinner for two. sobbs.

so, after being sitted the first thing that caught our sight was...

THIS!! we were like thinking: ohh no, so which are we suppose to use?
we didn't really have knowledge about these so, we were scared being embarrassed. however, after observing other customers, we went to get our food.
first, we had raw seafood and sushi~ pratically, i ate all the seafood. my sister claimed that she might vomit because she can't take raw food. the food was not bad but the best were only the pasteries. we didn't have much for our dinner because half way through, there were people taking pasteries and i couldn't take it.. XD

first round, a random picture.

it was not bad larhhs. but, we took all the ones on displayed, not really considering much..

this was nice too. lols.
but, i'm not really into this. my sister like this, i wonder why.

the selections..
i prefer this six~ especially the chocolate, it was soooo RICH in taste (although it's pretty small)!! and, also the strawberry mousse!! aww..
anyway, my sister claimed that this picture was ugly so, she asked me to take one with angle..

is this nicer? LOLs.

i love the last part of dining at that place (i can't remember the resturant "name").

i like the glass. XD
it's pretty nice with the red dye.

the first thing to be seen when you step into the hotel.
they change the candles they place in the big candles everyday (in the man-made holes), how sweet? not sweet but very romantic and nice!!

i like this too. it's a pity the piano was locked. X[

me and sis after dinner. we were wearing the same but different colour shirt and we felt pretty weird standing together. LOLs. so not used to it.

i didn't know why i took this picture but when i look at this, it makes me realise how our life can be. so long and unpredictable. i saw the other end but it wasn't clear in the picture. like, life's clear and blurred at the same time. =]

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