Friday, April 13, 2007

Sports Day~

today, we had our Sports Day and as per usual, it was dead boring. the only thing different was that i had to do duty this year. duty was simple, had to distribute attentance list, collect them back before the event start and repeat that again after the whole event and some patroling. took a number of pictures and i'm uploading some. LOLs. ^^

among the first few pictures we took.
Jolene, Agnes me and JiaXuan..

Weishan and Serene. good thing it was a sunny day if not, i doubt we can see weishan. XD

me, jolene and ivy. richard owned Sports Day larhhs~ they won about 40 over prizes~

i love this picture most. jolene looked so cute and natural!! LOLs.

jiaxuan, gary, yanling, jolene, ivy and me.

US again~ =]

this is a stupid photo larhs~ everytime bully one.
nizam me and hakim.

this picture's nice too.

ivy covering her teeth?!? LOLs.

we were actully confused with who was taking the picture. XD look at that dumb agnes!!

Gary our future photography?!?

hahas. i didn't know why we did this. i couldn't stop laughing~
BUT, i'm definitely not a lesbian. LOLs.

me and sis.

me and my juniors from PSP.

ashiqin, me and mirjam

i don't know why but when weishan and i was taking a picture, there was so many "things" behind..

see~ ivy and serene!!

and again, that small eyed serene~

after so many shots, FIANLLY~

US~ the prefects.. =]

after our short briefing, we were dismissed and we took some pictures before moving on. ^^
bitchy nana, horny nad, "cute" fatin and toot ME~

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