Monday, March 12, 2007

Holidays? totally ruin!

i just HATE IT when i need to know things from others. what's wrong with letting me know what she has? it's like a habit that we meet up before going in. i hate it when i have to go around asking and being worried for nothing.DAMN! i'm so pissed.
just, what's wrong with me?!?

sighs. first day of our March holiday but it's kindda ruin already, Orchestra practices for the whole week except Wednesday. today, orchestra starts at 1300-1600 while the rest of the three days, 1400-1700. but the worst part starts only tomorrow, stupid lessons.

Tuesday : Physics, 0800-1000
tell me what i'm suppose to do from 1000-1400 while most of the students have geography? maybe i should come home and sleep! LOLs.

Wednesday : Computer Studies, 0800-1300
it might even extend again. sighs. hate last minutes.

Thursday : A Maths, 0800-1200
so, i guess before orchestra i'll have lunch and so on.

Friday : A Maths, 0800-1200
sighs. TIRING~

woke up kindda early today, like 0945? did some washing up and woke my sister up. watched "love wretched". not bad but kindda stupid. LOLs. sighs. got to go, have to wash up before leaving for school.

finally, it's the holidays. the one i've been looking for to have a nice break and some great get-togethers. but, it seems that all these "illusions" are being ruined. i just hope we can get together for a night movie. sighs. please, make my mother allow this one and only wish i would like during this holiday. please, please!!

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