Monday, June 05, 2006

first day without jie jie yani. =]

for the first time, i woke up early. woke up at 0645 and waited for my sister to get ready for school. because she's not around, i had to send my sister to school. i had to do it because i bet with my parents that i will for all her schooling days. really felt reluctant but i still did.
reached home around 0806 and slack all the way till.. now? hahs. had a tough night yesterday but couldn't put myself to sleep again so i watched mtv asia and close my eyes while still being awake. hais.

anyway, it's kindda weird without her at home. suddenly the whole house is quiet and i'm really alone. just feel very lonely out of the sudden. i hope she has reached her house and gave her family a good surprise.
just hope my sis will reach home a bit later. i don't wanna start mopping the floor yet. hahas.

decided to just display one post a day so i don't have to keep scrolling all the way down when i read. =]

guess i should get going. :)

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