Wednesday, June 01, 2016

A Monopoly Night!

Us tonight @ Birgit's apartment's roof area!
She lives in town and has this beautiful view of town!! Duh~
It was also very spacious and extremely windy!!!!
(Contrary to her apartment unit though. Kindda Very cramp.)

Tonight's turn up was kindda disappointing....
Funny how those who made it, are no longer at the place where we met! HAHAHA. And the ones still in the company all couldn't make it tonight. Boohoo.

Anyhow! All of us had fun - We each brought different food, too much food, and had a nice dinner catching up before playing what we met up for.......


This was the gift we exchanged for during Christmas! Hui Chin bought it, and Birgit got it. Well.... Technically, I got it first but Birgit stole it from me!!! :((( I really wanted it, but I'm glad I got what I got instead (USB drive that can connect to android phones; super geek me).


&That was my mid-week~

Feels good to meetup with people I am familiar with. ♥


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