Friday, April 29, 2016

An Indian Lunch!

Lunch today with my colleagues at work! ^^

Traveled a little far today for good Indian food; We were at Farrer Park!

Thanks to my friends at work, I got to learn a lot about their culture, know how they are different from each other (North & South!) and also enjoy a variety of Indian cuisine I would not have tried if not for them! They know the places that sell best Indian food... For us (or at least myself), I am always going to the same place for the same food - PRATA!!! I was even told that it's not 'prata', but 'paratha'. Lol.

To-may-to, to-mah-to~

It's very rare to have this many of us our for a normal lunch though! But it's Friday!

With Herly~

&Lunch is served!!!

We all got the lunch set which has too much food in one setting!!! Lol. We also shared a few dum biryani. Another tomato here.. Singapore terms is 'briyani' when it's actually 'biryani'. But food was good so we all left the (albeit warm) restaurant with a satisfied tummy and a well spent lunch time together!

Memories to keep. :)

Okay. BYE!

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