Thursday, April 28, 2016

Project P: THE PROPOSAL!!!


All of us tonight, decked in blue and white!
PS: Because Karena's favourite color is blue. 💙

It is extremely late right now, for a workday, but I am still feeling the adrenaline and excitement for our favourite couple that I can't sleep... KPO-ness to the next level. Lol.

So......, John and Karena has been together since we were teens! Today (27 April) is their 10th year together. TIME FLIES!!! I remember there was this birthday celebration where we were all young and damn energetic; We planned a surprise for Karena with John involved and we got them to kiss for a good..... 18 seconds? HAHHA.

18 seconds because 18 years old... Geddit geddit?
But as we filmed them kiss, we kept dragging the count. hahahah.

Those were the good 'o days!
PS: Links to my old blog entries at the end of this post!

And after 10 long years, we now see these two teenage sweethearts promising a future together. :')

John's Avartar for the night!

So after our first discussion and meeting up for the pre-preparation to finalize the details, this was our plan:

1) John brings Karena out for their 10th anniversary celebration
2) We folks gather after work to prepare the necessary things and head down to Karena's place (Her mother was long onboard)
3) We folks doll up Karena's place with pictures, candles, fairy lights and set up the projector for his video montage. Thereafter, we exit her place and hide somewhere near!
4) John brings her home, walk down memory lane together
5) We get the Que to head back and then surprise her when the video montage ends and he pops the question!

Unfortunately, the last item didn't happened because John suddenly experiences a bad connection on the way home, and couldn't give us a miss call at all!!!!! It was so wasted! We were just waiting upstairs when everything happened. :((( But it's okay, main point was IT WAS SUCCESSFUL! :)

Candles that were carefully lighted one by one!

Their memories together~ Photos representing each year together.

Preparing the balloons!!

&Their tenth year all in the room.
Looks really romantic right??? 💙💙💙

While waiting~

&Then we totally missed the timing, so when we were called back......


Flowers courtesy of Soohou's friend.
Had it delivered to my place

&Sugar kept trying to eat it. HAHHAHAHA.
She really love roses, like a typical girl.
She eats them. LOL!


Now, we wait for the big day. HEHE.

So...... As I was recalling the surprise we gathered for Karena's birthday when she was 18, I googled to see if I can find it... AND I DID!! I first found the surprise we did for her 17th birthday (a really memorable one we did for Karena)! Read here! &Then, I just looked up my blog to find the year of our 18th birthday. Read here for the entry with them kissing. 💏 HAHAHA.

Really our good o' days; We spent so much time together and had so much energy to go the extra mile for a friend..... Now, as I always whine, we are just too caught up with our own lives and work that.... meeting up for a dinner is the most we do.

There were so many of us back then too. But life happens, and I am happy with who had stayed. :')

Okay, I better stop here before I start feeling all sentimental. LOL.

PS: Please pardon my blogging style when I was a teen. I can't believe I actually had a caption for almost every single picture I uploaded then. WHERE DID THE TIME AND ENERGY I HAD GO!! Lol. Also, I upload too many similar pictures. I siao.

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