Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mezza 9 @ Grand Hyatt

Beginning this entry with a very random note;
I would like to have my wedding in Grand Hyatt someday in the future. :D No need for too fancy a wedding, just a simple wedding dinner with a live band in one of the smaller ballrooms in Grand Hyatt would be fine. :D

It’s the place my parents held their wedding too... Would be nice that their daughter is having her wedding there too, right? Lol. Besides, I like that hotel... Attended a wedding there last year; The ballroom is nice (the one we went was small but cozy!) and I love their Iced Lychee Tea!!!! I had so many cups of that the last time. :X Yeah, mostly for their Iced Lychee Tea, I would like to have my wedding there. LOL!

That aside, I was there again last night. Not for a wedding (I miss their Iced Lychee Tea T^T), but for a delicious and expensive birthday dinner Haniza bought me. Hehehe.

 photo P1370227_zpsle0da9rt.jpg  photo P1370228_zpspepwii5n.jpg  photo P1370229_zpsmkjq45ij.jpg
^^ I am so so so happy we're really meeting up a lot more now.

We've both signed up for Amore Fitness X last month. AND I AM SO HAPPY!! Finally working out, finally going for workout classes after thinking about it for years!, and finally going to see more of Haniza! Instead of our usual..... 2-3 times a year meetups. HEHE \O/

So.. dinner~ I let Haniza pick the dishes because I wasn't craving for anything in particular.. She was also the one who was very interested in the food there.

 photo P1370200_zps8quwapy5.jpg
This was complimentary.
The combination may look weird (a loaf of bread and chicken rice chilli), but it suprisingly matched extremely well with each other! I couldn't stop munching on it. The bread is crispy on the outside and really soft on the inside. Super yum.

 photo P1370203_zpsh5gdaf8e.jpg
Had some sushi too...

 photo P1370206_zpsy316irhj.jpg
Fried Rice

 photo P1370207_zpseupxflen.jpg
This is tofu, brinjal and black fungus!

 photo P1370209_zpsaw6jmt5s.jpg
We were a little disappointed with this.
Very meh

 photo P1370211_zpssccry6oz.jpg
Last dish served....

 photo P1370212_zpsowjghtaq.jpg
Happy people with happy tummies!

 photo P1370213_zpsqrzhayjd.jpg
We pretty much had 2/3 tze char food at Mezza 9. LOL.
Good ones though.

We were pretty full with all the food by the time the last dish was served... But but but! We'll never leave without the last course..........................

 photo P1370214_zpsmja5l0iq.jpg

We couldn't decide on what to get, and settled on everything on their dessert menu!!! ALL of them, but mini sized. HEHE. It was a great decision because we got to taste every one of them. They look so pretty all set up together too!

 photo P1370219_zpsm7mbkg0o.jpg
Another shot with desserts at the other side.

I only had a few favourite. Like that 'flowerpot' and their sorbet!

 photo P1370230_zpsmffzdsac.jpg  photo P1370231_zpswsmsofal.jpg  photo P1370232_zpsomwnobwi.jpg  photo P1370233_zpsyk8xddru.jpg
Cheers to more celebrations together!

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