Saturday, March 07, 2015


Just a random entry with a random title, because I am feeling random and want to do a random update. :D

It’s Saturday. A nice day. Saturdays are always nice because it’s not a workday and the next day is not a work day. Lol. Fridays are nice too. Because at Maybank, work ends an hour earlier than usual on Fridays… And the next day is Saturday, which is not a workday. That’s why Fridays and Saturdays are good days. But Saturdays are better days because it’s not a workday. LOL.

Today’s also a good family day. Spent the afternoon with the family going for Chiropractic adjustment, lunch at Astons Steak & Salad and did some shopping! I always feel good after each chiropractic adjustments. Lunch today was very good too. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE side dishes with the steaks we ordered. Stuffed myself with all the corn. Hahahaha. And I finally got my power zoom lens! Not too pricey as I’d expected, and now my camera is LIGHTER!!!! Less burden on my neck when I travel. YAY!!!

On this Saturday, I also met up with Robbin and Pototo.

Robbin bought Pototo and I dinner tonight. No pictures because we never (hardly) take pictures together. L He just got back from a work trip in Thailand (got us gifts onboard the plane too, siao) and bought us dinner with the bonus he received. :D I like generous friends. Hehe.

Had dinner at this Japanese restaurant in Concorde Hotel. BBQ food. The meat were all so so so good. Explains the prices, but they were so so so good! Talked about work and random stuff over dinner before going to TWG for some desserts. J The night was short because Pototo decide to ditch us for a drinking session with his other friend. No love 💔 Lol.

Okay. Random update is over. BYE!

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