Sunday, January 18, 2015

Gardens By The Bay

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"The Hungarian bringing the Singaporean around a Singapore tourist attraction."

So...... My pretty Hungarian friend here became a tour guide for me yesterday.
We were at a Singapore attraction. She, a Hungarian, introduced the wnoderful Singapore place to me, a Singaporean.


She was pretty fasinated and kept teasing me last night. It's a little funny to me, definitely. But I have no idea why she'll think Singaporeans would explore every part of Singapore and check out all the Singapore tourist attractions. I definitely do not know every part of Singapore.

Locals just don't explore that much....... Right? (Most, that is.) Lol. Besides, some of the places are pretty expensive.. And I would rather save that amount to spend it exploring another country! :X Not that I don't find it worth spending here.... Just... Singapore. Overpriced. Tourist attractions, for tourists. Lol.

Anyway, I have been wanting to check out Gardens By The Bay X for a long time now. I just... haven't found the time and people to go there with! Was really happy when Alexandra suggested to have a mini picnic there.

One, I love picnics! And two, it's the perfect opportunity to finally go Gardens By The Bay! :D

She really brought me around and explained a few things here and there. She has good knowledge of the place and things (aka trees) there because she has previously brought another Caucasian for a tour. So, yesterday marks her third visit there. Lol.

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We were there late evening. The weather was nice... Cooling. A little warm, but bearable. I liked what I saw and took a few shots like any other tourists. Lol.

 photo P1360505_zpsfnxhmtbp.jpg
Zoomed image from one of the Doms.

We didn't go in either one. Wanted to save that small money for next time when there's Tulips or something. We did a pretty quick round the entire Gardens By The Bay before heading back to the central area to watch the light show.

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We didn't go up to the bridge(?) either. There was a really long queue! I for one, am not a fan of queues.

 photo P1360519_zpsq8eo3bmp.jpg
It's actually very pretty. *O*
Flowers... Trees... Flowers, and trees every where!

 photo P1360522_zpsvmatgrty.jpg
A great view while waiting for the light show.
When the trees light up, the whole scenery was gorgeous!

 photo IMG-20150117-WA0033_zpsah7cmfet.jpg
Stayed on for 2 light shows. They were the same, but the trees light up so pretty!!!
And the music selection.... So... Chinese yet Pop-ish at the same time. Lol.
I was quite happy I could identify most of the song and actually sang along to them silently.

 photo P1360517_zpsqxcd1dz7.jpg
Here's our dinner!
Nicely prepared by Alexandra. She made the sandwich and insisted on bringing wine (because she's Caucasian). Lol.

It was very simple, but we had a really nice time just catching up and enjoying the night.

 photo IMG-20150117-WA0029_zpsb5ysdmuz.jpg
Alexandra took this shot because she found the lady beside me funny.
Three of them (Koreans! I had a fun time trying to guess what they were talking about lol), laid there beside me and suddenly lifted their legs. Lol.

They looked really comfortable.

 photo IMG-20150117-WA0026_zps1vtdojmp.jpg
Really glad we settled down rather early. There were plenty of people there when the show started. We had a good spot and a good view.

 photo P1360523_zpsxpbrpxwr.jpg
Someone trying to be funny and imitate the ladies from before. Lol.

 photo P1360525_zpsh1lttvny.jpg
Flower girl? HAHAHAHAHA.
She insisted I take a picture because I look cute. WTH.

Solo shots are always weird for me.

 photo P1360528_zpsynj5txm7.jpg
Selfie but you can't see the flower on my head. Lol.

We later just chilled in some 'private' area. Talked about life, guys, work, friends, people, school and sex. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's refreshing to hang out with a Caucasian. Our views are different. Our experiences are different (she loves it here because people treat here really well.... People and their white people biasness. :X ). Our growing up phase are different.

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I'm liking how I look yesterday. HEHE.

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