Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Blacking Out

Blacked out last night and I thought I should note it down somewhere. Lol.

It is now a funny episode my mother would share with her friends and a scary experience for my sister to remember for a while. For me? It was an experience I'll never want to go through again. Ever again.

So... it all started with a hyper me getting ready for bed. Before I even started on my skincare routine, I opened up this new packet of blades I got from Japan Home. From the packaging, I thought it was the same safety blades I get from Daiso which would not slice your flesh that easily.

But nope. I was definitely wrong. I got straight blades by mistake and accidentally pulled open the cover too hard.

Sliced my middle finger and a lot of blood oozed out.

Everything happened pretty quickly. After seeing myself bleed, I was almost instantly dizzy. The last thing I remember prior to blacking out was calmly telling my sister I was bleeding then requested for a plaster and some tissues before exclaiming I felt dizzy.

Then, I was gone. x,x

While I was blacked out, I thought I was violently shaking my head and twirling around uncontrollably. I couldn't see anything or hear anything, but I felt lightheaded while spinning around inside my head.

It felt like forever. It was insane.

The next thing I know after 'spinning' around was waking up on the floor with my family yelling and looking all concerned. I was also hurting because I knocked onto my sister's bed edge when I fell.

My sister later shared that I blacked out after laying my head on the table. And when I lost myself, I leaned towards her. She thought I was fooling around and actually shoved me away. LOL!!! Of course, it shocked her when I just slide off the table and had a little spasm.

She screamed for my mother while trying to hold me up, but my mother didn't rush over immediately because she thought we were making a big deal about roaches. -,-

When I woke up, I was super confused but weak and dizzy. Took me a while to recover, and was somewhat worried about going to work today. Despite all the drama, everything is now fine. :) I've also thrown all my blades. Lol.

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