Friday, November 21, 2014

Dinner with Cressa!

 photo 20141119_083652_zps296f60b6.jpg

 photo 20141119_083701_zpsfabf529e.jpg
I am so so so loving this color I have right now.
The purple that looks like black and the pink, the pink, the subtle pink!!! :D

 photo 20141119_083708_zpsb3200047.jpg
Sadly, all these will be turn brown in no time. T^T

 photo 20141119_095206_zps9551848a.jpg
Got a Vietnamese roll for breakfast today from a Hungarian friend. lol.

 photo 20141119_212606_zps07e99c3c.jpg  photo 20141119_212651_zps7d6b9b20.jpg

&all these shots were taken few days ago!
On Wednesday where I met up with Cressa for dinner.
Tried saybons for the first time and I like it!
One simple crepe that's healthy (though there's cheese), delicious and very filling!
Had a nice time catching up and chatting about random stuff at work while enjoying my dinner. Hehe.

 photo 20141119_212657_zpsf81b19e6.jpg  photo 20141119_212701_zps2cbc05cc.jpg

 photo 20141119_083658_zpsf18691db.jpg
Okay. Ciaos~

 photo 20141119_083655_zpsaa9b6e6a.jpg

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