Sunday, August 16, 2015

The LKY Musical

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2015 is going to be a year that’ll be remembered by many... Or at least, for me. So many things happened. So many things happening.

A myraid of upsetting and happy episodes all in one year; in fact, in just the first 8 months! Meh. It’s also a year with one of the most Public Holidays ever (11, woohoo!)! :D

That aside.

Haniza and I just came back from a really good musical.

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"The LKY Musical"

What started off as pure curiousity ended with a standing ovation.

When I first saw the poster of the musical, I thought it was another gimmick this year to ride on the unfortunate. Then, I kept seeing the poster everywhere!! Lol. Making me gradually curious about the Musical.

I found myself wondering...... How would they have written the story? And what about the songs? How would they be putting up a musical base on someone?

I didn't read up on the sypnosis and asked Haniza if she was interested. She wasn't. Until much later when it was almost ending (thanks to the posters that were everywhere too!), we went.


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I was so blown away by the performance put up by the casts that I HAD to stand up and give my loudest applause!! I went in with zero expectations (no sypnosis too!), but came out feeling touched, sad and impressed all in one go.

I was very very impressed. I didn't know Adrian Pang was such a powerpacked singer!!! I'm a new fan! The second lead playing 'Lim Chin Siong' was damn good too. We have so many talented people here!! :')

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I also like the stage setup! It was something I haven't seen before (yet). There were 7 separate stages (a huge one on top, and 3 rows of 2 rectangles side by side) to depict different scenes and location. They get covered accordingly and the performers have to go up and down, left and right, to tell the story. It was pretty fascinating! Or maybe it's just me being a frog in a well. xD

The story is basically about our late Founding Prime Minister, as the title suggest. Briefly about who he was during World War 2 before he became our first Prime Minister; Some things I didn't know before!

The musical was a whole lot more meaningful because of this bit, a little bif of our history. :') Something to remember.

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In the theatre! and then during the intermission!

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Dinner before the musical. ^^

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Haniza and I definitely enjoyed ourselves tonight! Can't wait for the next show together. :)

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