Sunday, November 23, 2014

Impromptu Night Date With Haniza.

As simply stated in the title, I had an impromptu date with Haniza yesterday. Was out with the parents in the day to purchase our Cruise ticket (YESSSSSA!!!! Freaking excited for April 2015 now man!!!!!) when she asked me out.

I swear, she always pick a bad time to ask me out. Lol. I remember giving her invitation a miss TWICE!! Both because I already have prior plans. :( Of all the days I'm actually available (And I've been really damn free these days), she would pick the dates where I'm busy instead. Lol.

 photo IMG-20141122-WA0007_zps66866b74.jpg
A seflie I sent Haniza. She wanted to go town.
I was obviously not dressed for town. Lol.

 photo 20141122_174340_zpsc74e1e49.jpg
I really like how cameras work now - All these instant beauty functions.
I'm actually looking good in this picture when I was bare faced!

 photo 20141122_174508_zpsdc2769aa.jpg
Me complaining to Haniza.
By this time, we've decided to meet for some Karaoke sessions. We missed the evening slot because I was obviously still out with the parents - And yes, they were just chilling at some place.

Thereafter, I finally got home and quickly prepared before heading out to meet Haniza. I was lazy, so I merely slipped on a skirt and applied light makeup. :X

I was happy to be hanging out with her though. She's one of the few friends I have who I can just be me me and me. No need for pretense or formality.

 photo IMG-20141123-WA0004_zpsb2ddfdab.jpg  photo IMG-20141123-WA0002_zpsdd535579.jpg

 photo IMG-20141123-WA0003_zps7bd187e1.jpg  photo IMG-20141123-WA0001_zps0a86708c.jpg

 photo IMG-20141123-WA0000_zps3cf3c37f.jpg

Shopped around, had Itacho for dinner and headed off to Suntec City's Teoheng!
It's been such a long long while since I last sang! And amazingly enough, I was itching for some karaoke only few days back! Was happily satisfied after the 3 hours last night because there were just the 2 of us. Took turns to sing plenty! :D

I should really get updated with the new songs though. I keep singing the few songs I'm familiar with and I'm bored of my choices already. xD

 photo 20141122_233256_zps3e61bdf2.jpg

 photo 20141122_233310_zps84b9b142.jpg

 photo 20141122_234310_zps1ed3590f.jpg

 photo IMG-20141122-WA0001_zps1c28f3dc.jpg  photo IMG-20141122-WA0003_zpsa611b27a.jpg
Bonus picture!
Sugar and Dad before we head off to Chinatown yesterday. Hehe.

 photo 20141122_234314_zps862d1e61.jpg

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