Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Last" Lunch.

&So............ I've ever mentioned how I find it funny that I'm saying goodbye for the third time back in July last year.

Apparently, that wasn't the last. LOL.

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned how I came back to MCBI this time; But, I was out in the ocean when my manager whatsapp-ed me asking for some assistance at work. Honestly, I was a little reluctant at first :x I wanted to just nua my days away. Lol. Like a short break after exams and before I officially embark on my next career. But I am glad to have come back to the office. Working with many nice colleagues and celebrating Christmas with them for the third time. :') I actually enjoy being back in this familiar environment.

Tomorrow is the last day of my current contract. My fourth goodbye now. LOL! I hope it would be the last goodbye as a part-timer here. Because, if I were to come back again as a part-timer, it'll mean I haven't found a permanent job (And I'm honestly quite scared and worried). I would like to embark on my own career now. But MCBI was a very good experience, and I'm extremely thankful for the many wonderful colleagues and managers I have.

Today, my managers brought us out for a good lunch. Wasn't exactly said to be a lunch for me but I suppose so, because it was quite random. LOL. Okay la, I just wanna believe so la. Nevertheless, it was the last lunch I am going to have with them as a part-timer here at MCBI. I promised them and myself that I'll be back to give them a great treat when I start working in my next career. I have no idea how long it'll take me to meet them again, but I want to make sure I'll have time to catch up with them in the future. It is not just luck to have met kind people in our life; I believe it has a little to do with fate too! My managers have taught me a lot throughout my time here.

And I'm being a little bit too emotional here. Night time. Tsssssk. I better stop here or I might end up writing an essay about how grateful I am towards the people I know here. Lol.

 photo P1020387_zps57575142.jpg
We also did a mini photoshoot at our conference room. :X

But anywayz, the four of us had a really nice lunch at The Factory.
I've been to the factory many times now, but today was the first time I've tried their spud meals.
Pretty good I would say.

 photo P1020372_zpsac788b46.jpg
Tomato Soup!
One of my managers exclaimed that it is those real tomato soup.
Like using those puree to cook it instead of the can ones.
ps: The toast is really nice too!

 photo P1020375_zps37db633a.jpg
Boneless Breaded Chicken!

All spud meals come with fries and a dip of your choice.
But I have no idea why we changed all to Truffle Fries.
And the breaded chicken comes with a mix!

Sweet Potato > Potato


 photo P1020378_zpsc72ddafd.jpg
I can't remember what is this but this is pasta with Chilli Crab sauce!
It is damn spicy but has this kick.
Does taste like chilli crab by the way. LOL.

I would only complain that the noodles were slightly under-cooked. (I think la)

 photo P1020379_zps6e95f146.jpg
Spaghetti with Minced Chicken, Chilli and Lime.
Mei Hua didn't like this because it was bland.
But one of my managers and myself prefer this to the Chilli Crab pasta.
It is light and refreshing!


 photo P1020380_zpsbe74d9ec.jpg
I didn't eat much. LOL!
But the waffle today wasn't as good. :(

Lunch was over, we headed back to office and took a few pictures before working again.

 photo P1020385_zps8abfaf25.jpg
Mei Hua and Rohaizah.
She's damn cute! (Both of them)

 photo P1020386_zpsa66ed40d.jpg

 photo P1020388_zpsbe32a717.jpg

 photo P1020389_zpsbe37ab23.jpg

 photo P1020391_zps3d2fe521.jpg

 photo P1020393_zpsd74be556.jpg  photo P1020394_zps4dfc7509.jpg  photo P1020395_zpsaa16f1f7.jpg

 photo P1020390_zps38322830.jpg

Anyway, it is official. I need a break from Truffle Fries. I have been having TOO MUCH truffle fries this month. TOO MUCH!!!

 photo P1020107_zpse90a46d3.jpg
With my sis on Valentines'

 photo P1020311_zps04f58792.jpg
Last night with Emily

& today. :O
Looks like it has only been my third truffle fries this month but I think I've had enough. Maybe because I am always sharing truffle fries with just another person, I end up eating a lot because we have to finish a portion. x,x

Honestly, yesterday was the first time I've eaten so much that I feel sick. Despite feeling upset last night, another reason why I couldn't sleep was due to the discomfort I feel in my tummy. It was like...... filling up a tank to their brim and they just overflow. Except, I can't overflow. I don't want to vomit. x,x Add on to my digestion issue, the tummy was going through hell. x,x Up until this morning in fact. Mei Hua was sharing with me what she's eating for breakfast but I couldn't take it; my face showed only disgust. She was just having normal fried noodles.

A new extent, I have actually ate so much good food these days, I don't wanna eat anything good anymore. LOL. But it's my birthday soon. :(( I shall starve myself to death next week... WHICH IS A WEEK BEFORE OUR KOREA TRIP!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAH. HEHEEH. I need to pray that all these good food won't show on the weighing scale or my waistline though. :'( I WANNA LOOK LIKE IN PICTURES WHEN I GO KOREA!!!!!

Okay, I am done for tonight. HEHE.

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