Thursday, February 27, 2014

First 23rd Birthday Celebration! :D

Hehehehehe. A quick update about my birthday celebration with Emily last night before I start working today. :x Gotta quick quick blog because I'm having meet ups for the entire week and might end up with too many backlogs so....... Why am I explaining...?!

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So anywayz, last night was my first birthday celebration! Just three days in advanced with dear Emily. ^^

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&Here you see a rare sight. Emily in a dress! :O
Lol. Not really la. More like she don't wear it with friends.
I kindda made her wear it. :x
She has always been in shirts and pants, so this time, I told her that her being in skirt/dress would be the best birthday gift of all time.
My threat worked! She look really pretty and feminine in a dress. :D

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She suggested to go Supply And Demand at Esplanade because she wanted to end the date with Max Brenner's waffles and chocolate!
Her suggestions will never go wrong! Everything was nice and I really enjoyed the treat. :3

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Supply And Demand also have a rooftop bar.
Have read a few reviews about the rooftop bar's nice atmosphere but we had after plans so no beer last night. :(

 photo P1020306_zpsfae44802.jpg  photo P1020308_zpsa99ad49f.jpg

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Our dinner!
A 9" two flavour pizza, Carbonara, Truffle & Garlic Fries and some Mushroom Cream pasta.

 photo P1020310_zpsb5634e40.jpg
Carbonara was nice, but I was more in love with the mushroom one. Lol.
Both cream based but Carbonara fell flat with comparison to the mushroom one.

I keep saying it's the mushroom one because I can't remember what it is. Lol.l

I'm damn glad we ordered the tasting portions! These two are just (supposedly) 6 spoonfuls.
We couldn't finish. Both pasta had about 1/3 leftovers. :X

 photo P1020311_zps04f58792.jpg
Truffle &Garlic Fries was a late addition.
Emily thought something was missing with just pasta and pizza.
It was not a wrong choice though. (Y)!

May not be as fragrant as the one from Au Chocolat but their chilli sauce had this kick to it!

 photo P1020318_zpsec1d7021.jpg
Only had one full slice and two without their crusts.
Love the smoked salmon side!
But we were both too full from our pasta to finish the entire pizza.
End up leaving the crusts.

 photo P1020313_zps9c2ffd73.jpg
Dinner was super satisfying.
I was actually very stuffed. Lol.
It is always the case when with Emily because she always over order. LOL.
But I didn't wanna clear up the leftovers so we didn't finish a lot of food. I was still stuffed. x,x

 photo P1020329_zpsa67b2eab.jpg
Emily's highlight of the date!

 photo P1020326_zps9c584632.jpg

 photo P1020330_zpsefe4c443.jpg

 photo P1020333_zps05252b2e.jpg  photo P1020334_zps6ebca574.jpg

 photo P1020335_zps4175d5e3.jpg  photo P1020336_zpsa6560135.jpg

 photo P1020342_zpse3408ed1.jpg
Her drink she barely drank. x,x
It's nice! Hint of darkchocolate with Mocha.
But Emily was disappointed that it wasn't as thick as she remembers it.

 photo P1020349_zps9a4c3ad6.jpg

 photo P1020350_zpsa787a671.jpg

 photo P1020351_zps0de2d76f.jpg
Banana Split.
I LOVE THE BANANA!! Caramelized. ♥.♥

 photo P1020353_zps67b1bbeb.jpg

 photo P1020354_zpsef3f1c6b.jpg

 photo P1020357_zps76988554.jpg

 photo P1020358_zps554deff0.jpg

 photo P1020359_zpscc4cb930.jpg  photo P1020360_zps1745ff3e.jpg

 photo P1020361_zps6acf6aba.jpg

 photo P1020366_zps208dbad0.jpg

Too pretty for just a few shots so here's two more! xD

 photo P1020367_zps22e12a3d.jpg
Damn nice!
But I only ate a little because I was still feeling stuffed.
So in the end, more than half of our dessert (except the banana lol) was wasted.

 photo P1020368_zps2ad7ff3d.jpg

 photo P1020369_zps7bf32c78.jpg

It was a very simple celebration that made a hole in her wallet again.
But I'm super glad that it was all still lesser than last year's. :x Lol.
Not that I'm remembering all the costs, but she has always been damn generous and I feel bad. :/
I'm also happy this year our birthday treats has a smaller gap! :D
I hope I can bring her to some place really nice for her birthday next year. ^^

 photo P1020370_zps01d79774.jpg

 photo P1020371_zps85d8e24d.jpg

After dinner and dessert, we strolled to City Hall and cabbed home.
Have cabbed home twice this week. I am such a broke brat! LOL.

 photo P1020355_zps73a5bbd5.jpg

Honestly, I am not as hyped up for my birthday this year. :/ Really lazy to think of places to go and on how to celebrate it. :x Possibly because I'm very much more excited for my Korea trip than anything else.. LOL! But, I'm still very happy and thankful for the friends who have asked me out to celebrate me turning 23 years old. Oooooooold. Two more celebrations to go! One on Friday and another on the actual day. HEHE. I'm so blessed.. To have people ask me out and plan the day for me. xD

Okay, it has passed the time I'd plan to finish this post.


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