Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dinner Together ~~

So it turns out I'm not done for tonight. Not yet!! xD
Fourth entry today, I must be feeling really hardworking. Hahahaha. Another blogging record broken! And I don't think I'll ever blog five entries in a day. :/

ANYWAY, this is more or less going to be just a picture post. :D

Other than the nice lunch with my managers, a few colleagues also asked me out for dinner tonight. Went down to Plaza Singapura's Itacho and had a really heavy dinner. x,x

I've been eating so much good food that I'm losing appetite. Lol.

 photo CIMG1158_zpsd2858fe1.jpg
Pictures taken with the Beauty Shot enabled Casio camera! :D

 photo CIMG1154_zps1858351b.jpg

 photo CIMG1155_zps8bd0ada7.jpg

 photo CIMG1156_zpsa7e46b73.jpg

 photo CIMG1157_zpsb2ac8509.jpg

 photo CIMG1159_zps621f979e.jpg

 photo CIMG1160_zps41286ca5.jpg

 photo CIMG1165_zps07bb55e0.jpg

 photo CIMG1186_zps61e88de7.jpg

 photo CIMG1187_zpsc1fb1884.jpg

 photo CIMG1188_zps2a8ac377.jpg

 photo CIMG1189_zps9f7da690.jpg

 photo CIMG1192_zpsdf3fc1fe.jpg  photo CIMG1193_zpsa1690bcd.jpg  photo CIMG1194_zpsd0e7abc2.jpg

 photo CIMG1195_zps48df3549.jpg  photo CIMG1196_zps8cc623ed.jpg  photo CIMG1197_zps75086351.jpg

 photo CIMG1198_zps6638f8dc.jpg  photo CIMG1199_zpsfe6f8bea.jpg  photo CIMG1200_zps61447ff8.jpg

 photo CIMG1203_zps66603ffb.jpg

 photo CIMG1210_zps608bb28c.jpg  photo CIMG1211_zps06eec300.jpg  photo CIMG1212_zps408fd5ef.jpg

 photo CIMG1206_zps3dab65b0.jpg  photo CIMG1207_zpseff8d6dd.jpg

 photo CIMG1208_zps5c5c22ab.jpg  photo CIMG1209_zps48a1eb25.jpg

 photo CIMG1202_zps498dbc77.jpg
&Yes, I'm done. xD
Another last day tomorrow. I guess I would miss this comfort zone and Mei Hua. And my managers. And some other colleagues.

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