Friday, February 28, 2014

February's Snapshots!

With January's Snapshots, come February Snapshots!!! :D I guess I'm trying to make it a point to upload all my nonsense pictures taken over the month... So I can read about them? If not why else I took the pictures?? I'm puzzled myself. Lol.


A quick quick update before I go back to making calls for work. x,x

 photo 2014-02-03085720_zps0e058d56.jpg
Something I'll miss since I'm not going to be back here. Or at least, for a while.
Their spicy fried kway tiao! My favourite!
Back here for three months now but I only got to eat this once. T^T

 photo 2014-02-05145736_zps83ec9a7f.jpg
Eating my new found love, SCONES!!!!
And I seriously have no idea why I took a selfie. LOL.

 photo 2014-02-07083625_zps0345b7a7.jpg
hehehehe. My $2 pancakes for breakfast one day all thanks to Mei Hua! :D

 photo 2014-02-07084047_zps00bc88a6.jpg
MacDonald still has the best pancakes, right?
To me, at least, it is. hehe.

 photo 2014-02-08115831_zpsd48e7cae.jpg
&Here's a hairdo I did during visiting that I couldn't do again. T^T

 photo 2014-02-08234341_zps13a0e463.jpg
Not sure if I can share this, but hey! I'm extremely proud of what my sister has done for her Final Year Project. Entire book illustrated by her! (And 10% by her partner. Pfft.)

 photo 2014-02-12192221_zpsedb5b3c8.jpg
The entire month of February was filled with me constantly craving for Ice Cream.
This was my third consecutive icecream in one of the weeks. :x

 photo 2014-02-17090355_zpsee72f890.jpg

 photo 2014-02-17090413_zpsa99b7e22.jpg
A very sweet Valentine gift Mei Hua gave! She made the bouquet of Ferror Roche for my mother!
Damn nice of her. :3

 photo 2014-02-25210619_zpsa08664bd.jpg

 photo 2014-02-18170823_zps639ea3e3.jpg
I have no idea why I covered my face. :/
But this picture was taken during this Tuesday with them to The Tiramisu Hero Cafe!

 photo 2014-02-20224401_zps72af208b.jpg
And my usual must-snaps of Sugar. xD

 photo 2014-02-22144618_zps7b7cec9d.jpg
Sleepy Sugar chilling in our new car while on our way to the swimming pool!

 photo 2014-02-23135037_zpsfea9a370.jpg
&This was her third birthday!
Brought her out to the pool and went shopping at her favourite mart. Hehe.
This time, the bulldog 辣椒, finally played with her!!! HEHE.
& I'm done! :D

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