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Throwback To Tuesday! :3

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Hehe. A throwback to earlier this week at The Tiramisu Hero Cafe because I've been too occupied engrossed addicted to The Sims FreePlay these days. Still am......... So hooked on the game that I would actually wake up early just to make my Sims do something else when they are done from their night long bean planting. :x Also explains why I'm blogging this so early on a Sunday morning. Lol. Woke up to make my Sims do things and couldn't go back to sleep. Zz

Okay. Crazy childish addiction aside!

Here's how I spent my Tuesday with 2/3 of my girlfriends. ^^

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Have been wanting to visit this place for the longest time and I'm glad we finally did!

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Us as Sir Antonio!
And sadly, I'm the only one who needs to tip toe. x,x

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The cafe!!!

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Really nice place. Only downside for us is its' location. It took us about thirty minutes to travel down to the nearest MRT Station and had to walk for another twenty minutes before finally reaching the cafe. Lol. The walk felt even longer because our hot humid weather is back. :O We had to follow Google Map and walk all the way from the train station to the cafe under the scorching hot sun... Weishan swore that she's never going to come back unless we have a ride next time. T^T Lol.

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Weishan and her creepy long arms. Lol.

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 photo P1020177_zps5d743dac.jpg

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Camwhoring while waiting for our foooood!

 photo P1020181_zps7d96f129.jpg

 photo P1020182_zpsbcf03944.jpg

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Upsized one of our dishes for this!
Musroom Soup was average but I really liked the Garlic Bread!

 photo P1020192_zpsaa46d8f4.jpg
Weishan's Thai Basil Pork.
The meat was so so so spicy, Weishan actually finished her rice!!!
(Or so I think. I only remember she ate at least 3/4 of it. lol.)

 photo P1020194_zps1fd72a1a.jpg
My Salmon that was oven baked perfectly!!!
I practically love it!
A little sweet but I like how the salmon was cooked perfectly!
I even told my mother I would eat only oven baked salmon now on. Lol.
Mash Potato was okay! I like it chunky. hehe.

 photo P1020197_zps85964f49.jpg
Karena's Grilled Chicken!
I think it's really nice too! Damn tender!

 photo CIMG1944_zpscae42165.jpg
And after our food comes the highlight of our visit!

 photo P1020201_zpsf6d6ac33.jpg

 photo P1020212_zpsffc30017.jpg

 photo P1020213_zpsc4aa4f53.jpg
I like how their Tiramisu's really light.
But I still love the one from Poulet and Giovanni's!
Maybe because I prefer Tiramisu to be heavier on cream!

 photo P1020202_zps0d469596.jpg

 photo P1020207_zpsed86fc29.jpg
Upsizing included one dessert too!
Not really a fan.

 photo P1020205_zpsb3259968.jpg
&Here's me trying to pass time as Karena takes forever to take a picture of the Tiramisu! >:(

 photo P1020210_zps6c35c2cf.jpg
Punishment for whining. :O Lol.

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After the meal, we chilled a little longer before taking pictures with Sir Antonio~

 photo P1020215_zps3cd2231e.jpg  photo P1020216_zpsf3b88655.jpg  photo P1020218_zpsba79a247.jpg
Yes, this again!
I think it's damn cute leh.

 photo P1020220_zpsdc6f2971.jpg
Check out how I'm taking a picture of Karena's expression while her head is inside.
Joke ah! This adorable being was making faces INSIDE Sir Antonio's head as she pose.

 photo P1020221_zpsaee2bfe4.jpg

 photo P1020226_zps375d1030.jpg
While waiting for Weishan.

 photo P1020227_zpsb9408045.jpg

 photo CIMG2007_zps19a9b298.jpg
&We went out to take some group pictures!!!
I like how the cafe is so nicely decorated!
A little out of place in the area but that's what made it eye catchy!

 photo P1020230_zps6bed24f8.jpg
Here's how we took our group shots. LOLOL.

 photo P1020231_zpsf0d53790.jpg
You see how the opposite is a coffee shop?
Yeah, we were camwhoring infront of a few Uncles who looked fairly entertained. Lol.
Feels even more retarded when we have to wave to take the pictures! Lol.

 photo P1020234_zps7bf3e0d2.jpg  photo P1020235_zpsd5b07e17.jpg

 photo P1020236_zps96d8ee5d.jpg  photo P1020237_zps62827e7f.jpg
While waiting for Karena to drag the rubbish bin, we camwhore!

 photo CIMG2005_zpsba00d285.jpg

 photo CIMG2005_zpsba00d285.jpg

 photo CIMG2009_zps91805081.jpg

 photo CIMG2015_zps7034e934.jpg

 photo CIMG2016_zps83c6b91d.jpg

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After a satisfying lunch, we cabbed down to Town to do a little bit shopping. It was really a little bit shopping because I think we only went round a few shops before going back to Hougang. Supposedly wanted to meet Jolene for dinner but she bailed out on us thinking Weishan was going home early. In the end, the three of us had a really nice long chat at Hougang 1's MacDonald until past 9pm. LOL!

 photo Photo18-2-1435056pm_zpsac72c168.jpg
Weishan looking damn cute here!

 photo Photo18-2-1435339pm_zps02a4a62c.jpg  photo Photo18-2-1435349pm_zpsca4c771c.jpg
Us fooling around in this one shop at 313 Somerset. Lol.

The night didn't end just like that though. Karena and I had a nice stroll back home and waited a little while for Jolene to come over. We end up Facetiming Weishan in my cold cold bedroom for over an hour!!! LOL. And then, Jolene updated Karena with her backstory until past 1am. :3 I had a little fun teasing our princess too. Muahahah. :x

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Okay, toodles! :D

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