Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dinner With DPA Friends.

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Finally met up with these girls after postponing the date at least four times! :O
We were suppose to meet back in November lo.


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We met up to have dinner at Genki Sushi~

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&Then Yugine bought us all Smoothie King!!! :D

It is always nice to meet up with friends! Get to catch up and update about each other's life. I am glad to have known these few nice friends during DPA! Can't believe it's been at least five years now. :O And now, most of us are graduates..... Damn, I feel old. x,x

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This is possibly just 1/10 of our order.
Our bill totaled to over a hundred. :O Lol. But it was okay since we really ordered a lot!

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Food makes us happy! HEHE.

 photo P1020241_zps5d260201.jpg  photo P1020242_zps2d0acc4a.jpg

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Simin super cute here!

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Simin totally distracted Christina here but I think she looks pretty! So post! xD

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Among the five of us, Christina has the best selfie skill!!
ps: Simin's the worst. :x

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&Our Smoothie King, many thanks to Yugine! :D

 photo P1020272_zpsd5a80656.jpg
Christina and I ordered the large one to share.
Turns out, no one else was interested in ours after the first sip.
I had to struggle to finish mine. x,x

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&Here's Simin giving selfie a try.
First, she cut off Yugine.

 photo P1020282_zps4e23d216.jpg
 Then, I got cut off. >:(
This girl.

She proceeded to give up and took pictures of us instead. HAHAHAAH.

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Even though I got tired when it was almost near the end of our dinner. Zz

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