Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Train Of Thoughts Tonight.


I can't sleep.

I would be well occupied with my current addiction, The Sims Free Play, but all eight characters I've created are busy planting beans. x,x So, here I am laying down with a train of thoughts clogging my brain.

A quick random update to clear my mind!

Tonight, I went out with Pototobbin. It was for a nice cheap dinner at Far East Plaza before a long chit chat session over some beer. Sadly, they are currently the only people I'm drinking with at the moment. Lol. &Sadly, we didn't take pictures together again!!! URG.


I am, very randomly, feeling grateful for these guys.

For still considering me as a good friend and making the effort to ask me out for dinner or for some beer every once in a while. Even though they always call me at the very last minute and at terrible timings, I am always thankful for their thoughts. :3

Especially since we were never close during the entire month in Suzhou. Or thereafter............ :/ Actually, I can't even remember how did this friendship happened. Lol.

But they've been really nice to me all these while (amidst the many teasing!). &&&On top of asking me out, they would also get me gifts when they go overseas. So far, all the time they go overseas! hehehehe. &Now, I'm hoping for a Burberry wallet when Pototo get back from UK later this year. Hahahahahaha.

Jokes aside.

We had some deep conversations tonight. Mostly about job opportunities, their big dreams and such. But what was most interesting was them sharing their Secondary School memories (damn, my best & favourite years!), telling me they have the tendency to choose friends (aww, I was chosen. LOL!) and revealing their thoughts about some common friends we have.

Shocking revelation. Hahaha.

But I believe one of them has inaccurate first impression judgement! Other than being right about two person being sly, his other first impressions were wrong! Saying one is proud and a friend of mine happy-go-lucky. Both wrong! Lol.

Especially mine! When he first saw me, he got an impression that I would be easily cheated by people. No lo! I'm pretty smart. LOL!!!

But I didn't make any comments straight up since he has a strong belief that he can accurately judge someone based on his first impressions. I shouldn't break his heart. LOL.

ANYWAY! So I was saying, I am thankful to have these great guys in my life.
But but but! I have reminded myself not to be attached to the friendship. Just be grateful for what I have now and treasure it!

Because change is constant.

No matter how strongly bonded a friendship may seem now, it might just end up having two drifted apart friends. Which is sad. And too much pain for me.

Time will test and tell!

And now, it's time for me to sleep. Kek.

Update again tomorrow!!!!!!

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