Friday, February 28, 2014

Before I Officially Turn 23.

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Another birthday celebration again! :D

It was a really simple dinner and hangout celebration tonight with Kesslyn, Bing Cheng and Jiaxuan. Hence the coming back home early today. ^^ Got home fifteen minutes past eleven and tadaaaah! Manage to blog before the clock strikes 12mn. Kekeke.

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Met up for dinner at Habitat Coffee.Bistro
But I guess they are better known for their brunch? Because Kesslyn didn't really enjoy her dinner.
Others have raved about their brunch though.

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Kesslyn didn't like her "Something Fishy" pasta.

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Jiaxuan's main course for the night.
I tried one, and only one(since I'm really sick of it), and they have this really strong truffle oil smell.
Almost like petroleum. :X

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Our appetizer which I mistakenly thought was my sandwich. Lol.

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I liked my simple Ham & Cheese sandwich. :3

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Kesslyn and her habit of trying out other people's accessories. :p

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Thereafter, we struggled to decide the next place.
Jiaxuan actually suggested to go back to my place.
It was barely 9pm! Of course I didn't want the night to end just like that!
We then headed down to Cafe Frenzie Bistro & Bar.
The night didn't last long anyway. LOL! Just chilled a little, cut cake and I'm home.

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So,,, maybe we weren't going to have cake.....
But I somewhat insisted on having a cake!
What is a birthday celebration without cake, right right?

Just an excuse for me to eat cakes actually. LOL!

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And this Kesslyn How damn ass.
She lied that she got me cheesecake and I was looking forward to it.
Not that I'm complaining but I didn't understand why she lied. LOL.

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There's going to be plenty of cake pictures hereafter because I taught Kesslyn how to use my camera and she just... spammed.

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This Bing Cheng. LOL!
Super happy that he was able to join us too. ^^

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Here's me asking for a lighter.

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And the four of us finished the entire cake.
It's damn light! And didn't feel at all sinful despite being 50% creamed. :x

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Was a really nice time together with them.
Even though there were a few moments, discussions and attitude that could have potentially ruined the entire night (lol), I was glad the mood was changed later and all turned out just fine. ^^

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