Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thailand Vacation!!

PS: Wanted to do this entry like 3 hours ago?! But I had an awesome 3-hour chat with my parents instead. :D :D :D Then, I planned to bathe and go to bed... BUT! I'm so awake now, with semi-damp hair. -,- So here ish me with my Thailand trip entry!!!
*Throws confetti* hehehe.


Long long LONG entry!

Here's a brief summary.
Vacation in Thailand was refreshing. I'm extremely satisfied with my "little" buys; but I didn't really get to notice or remember what friends want due to rushy shopping.
Got used to effing long, freaking fast and painful bumpy rides.

Love the sceneries.
Love the defined clouds and gorgeous sky.

The only waste is the short duration; only a day to shop lo =.=, the missed opportunity to walk around jatujat, gastric that started on the first day till the very last day, and the fact that traveling from places to places took so frigging long!! Lol.

*RANDOM*Chewing gum makes you awake. And you won't doze off, missing pretty scenery!! :D


Day started off excitedly. Didn't get to sleep much the night before, but woke up early anyway.
Cabbed down and met family at the airport. Underwent the usual procedures before having lunch and woosh~, off to the airplane.

Lunch!! :D

Sat alongside with Xiaoxuan and my sis. We were like three impatient frogs that has been stuck in the well for a long time. LOL!
We were pretty much super awed with the taking off, landing and of course the gorgeous scenery!!!
Can't blame us though, it's been about 15 years since we last flew to another country. And back then, we were like... Toddlers.. Lol,

Guess who #1

This girl here was like texting and calling a lot when we're still in Singapore and when we're back in Singapore. tsktsktsk!

Guess who #2

I sort of realise why people like to take such shots even though it's so common. LOL.

In my opinion, it's like the only time people can take gorgeous shots because you'll need to switch it off when it takes off and when you can start using it again, the view's no longer as pretty. heheheh.

:D Great swagu partners.

Engrossed in the TV and Radio guide...
Oh yeah, I was flipping this magazine too and I saw SHINee's "Juliette" under the Korea Radio's KPop list... So cool! And I was glad I could read a little hangul. HAHA.

Okay, sorry - side tracked. :p

During the flight.

After being excited and disappointed so many times in the past; we felt like we were dreaming... Silly but yeah, we shared same sentiments when we were in midair. Until we touched down and saw Thai words, we then realize the vacation was for real. ;x
(even typing it makes me feel... Silly. Lol!)

Flight was good. Food was nice. Xiaoxuan and I even had a crazy idea to have beer as our drink. Hehe.

Xuan and hers.

Pretty right omg omg! :D

Anticipated and thought a lot a lot during the pretty long flight while sis fell asleep and Xiaoxuan was doing whatever she was. Lol! But as they always say, things don't always go according to plan...

Sleeping soundly~~ :D

Reached Thailand pretty late, waited a freaking long time to walk and settle the procedures in the airport. Then, it was a "spot my relative" game!! Lol. Not exactly. Mum forgot to take down my relatives' number so we end up searching for them among the sea of people.

Finally felt like we're really in Thailand. LOL!

yadah yadah~, First stop; JJ Mall- Right beside chutuchut (however it should be spelled, idc) if I'm not wrong.

Gorgeous place during the long ride~~~ LOL.

The sun ray was really really really pretty...

Missed the chutuchut due to the time. -.-
Was kindda =.= becauses we were so close but didn't get to even walk or look at the things they have there... :(:(:(:(:(:(

Car-ed to hotel, like finally! Met up with Gary and co.(the others) at the lobby before checking out the room. Super huge and damn spacious.

During our time is the others room...

When we realise wifi was really not available to us. :(


Tsktskkkkkkkkkkk! :D

Back to the others room to move our things to our room.
Went down to the others room; chilled, look at their buys, TV-ed, talked and back to room to sleep.

Before going down to the others' room to check out their buys! :D

No wonder my lappie started to become faulty. =x

Favourite and best shot of the day!!! :D

Love this shot! :D


Slept for 6hours, prepared and set off to a temple which was about 4hours away from our hotel? Kindda, waste of time for a 4day trip; I know. Wanted to go a few temples but because they are so freaking far away, we went to one and only one. -.-
Anyway, the journey was damn bumpy. Scenery were nice but because we were so fast, not much photos were taken... :(
Mum was damn excited to see cows. -.- Lol.

While waiting for transport~~ :D

=x my sister doesn't know this exist. LOL. =x

Damn damn grateful to my parents for everything! :D

Last before our 4 hour ride started...

In our second stop.

We had two stops during the journey. :D

Hills hills hills ~~ Mountains too.

That's why I think chewing gums make you awake. Lol.

University for Monks. :D

Cows cows cows.
This was a tough shot.. The can was mocing so freaking fast I thought this shot failed. LOL. But then, it's so freaking far lah! :(

What a super long ride. I sat till my back seriously ached.

Last stretch of roaddddddddddddd....

Monkeys in the temple. :D
Mum kept talking about how I was being chased by one of this creatures 15 years ago when I was 3, at the exact same place. LOL!

Ate a little.
Meditated for about half hour?
Hit the road again.

Long dangerous bumpy rides to my relatives' place, chit chat, dinner-ed and hotel before out again to kick start a little shopping.

Meditation was pretty.. wow.. Our of the 5 who meditated, 4 cried. And for me, there was nothing in my mind at all when I teared. Just blank..

More cows. LOL.

On the way to my relative's place! :D

There were many paddy fields ahhhh. And I saw a few sunflower fields; SO PRETTY!!!

:D If only the background's not blurred.

Prefer my shot the day before. LOL.

At my relative's place looking at... ?

A monkey! Lol.
He even has pampers on. Haha.
And, this is my aunt's pet


Bought a little during our shopping; mostly gifts. :)

Then back to hotel to rest.

Long shutter. Shall explore this more often. :D


Woke up early for breakfast.
Breakfast made me berry berry harppy... then, it was a long ride to the first shopping location. Buys were pretty average.

While waiting for slow poke Xiaoxuan while I was almost starving to death. LOL!

Dad abd me me me! :D
Any resemblence? :D

Waiting for transport~~

It was so long, we took many many pictures while waiting! :D

Before our vehicle arrive, we bumped into the others! :D

In the car~

In the mall while waiting for all the aunties to finish their food buys. :S



Like this shot. heheh.

Our damn cool and clean van. ;)

Next up, 1hour travelling time to another mall. Met the others conincidentally, chatted and parted.
Started 3hour limit shopping. (yes, pretty sucky to be limited). But, it made us ( or rather, me) very rushy and reckless. Bought a lot!!! Hehehe.

Shopping experience was fun, though rushy; but I think most of their sales person's attitude are 200% worse than the worst service person in Singapore!!! :@

Good buys anyway... Hahaha(;

Then, car-ed for an hour to a nice place for an awesome dinner!


Best restaurant for the 4days.


Back to hotel..

Travelled back to hotel, sort our buys, packed a little, washed up before heading out again; this time for a little shopping AND MASSAGE!!! :D

We had a special massage; lie-down foot massage. Haha. There were too many customers thus, we were led up to the highest level to have a great foot massage lying down. :D
"So high? After foot massage, we might need another hour of massage after walking down this flight of stairs." Quote my dad. LOL. It was funny. :D

Afterwhich, packed our stuffs and rest! Slept around 4am?
:S Can't sleep.

All my buys..

Gifts~~ :D

Mine mine mine, ALL MINE!!! :D

Simplest day.

Woke up at 6am, breakfast-ed, final packing of bags, headed out to airport and flew back home! ^^ Xiaoxuan didn't get to do her last minute shopping because there wasn't much traffic this morning. LOL! And, we had this cute encounter; we dozed off in the car, our heads lightly bumped into each others', we turned to look at each other but went back to sleep again. LOL.
(It's cute to me luh!)

Afterwhich, DFS-ed, home-d, rested and off to Emily's place for Class BBQ. :D
Shall update about the BBQ tomorrow or something! :D

:D Family and relative!


My face swelled a little from the lack of sleep. :@


My dad! :D

Time check: 4:18am
Woot woot. I'm fast today. heheh.



Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ :D

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