Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Old Days

Running so late but am still here uploading pictures and blogging. xD
Well, I was carrying out some things and chanced upon some good old photos! Lol. Will reveal why I got to these pictures later at night.

Really need to cut short!

My best friend from young!
Should be able to identify which is me yeah? Doubt I changed much... xD

I know the person who sees all these pictures is soooooo gonna kill me but; I'm going to risk it .. LOL! I will not say you who are. ;) Only those who are extremely close to me will know. HAHA!

Classic expression. LOL!

And again... LOL!

I think this picture damn cute!
Should be taken in the Zoo or something. Lol.

Cute right? OMG!
I really LOL-ed when I viewed and took these pictures... Damn cute!

Though we're not always seeing each other or as much as we used to; I still love her!

I don't care if you're going to kill me! Lol.

Screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!! lol.
Our breath must have stink. Look at the expression of the girl in minnie dress. LOL!

Omo! I forgot to rotate this. LOL!

Me and my bestfriend got couple tee some more! LOL. The purple minnie. Kekeke.

The guys' smile damn cute! LOL.

Okay, a monkey expression of me.

Till here!
Gotta run!!!

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