Friday, September 18, 2009

Full Of Thoughts.

Fluctuating emotions brought a lot of notions and feelings. These are usually boring so don't read them if you're not interested, kthxbye.

Side note: Maybe because I'm just being girly or because of the rain but yeah; I haven't had much mood lately. Or rather, when it hits night time, my mood just plunge like seriously.

Empty Talks
*POOF* There goes my trip to Thailand again!! Gahhhhhhhhh! I have no idea what to say or feel. Damn those people who's going to do riots again. =.=||| Not all empty talks; and though I wasn't exactly expecting this trip to really work out, it's just too difficult to pass it without feeling a wee bit disappointed.

Shall stop speaking of any trips out of the small dot until I have the ability to earn my own trip out. Having to be happy then disappointed and sad for two times revolving around the same topic - is more than enough for a month. :S

Don't Believe Then Don't Ask
Don't understand why some people like to repeatedly ask about something. Especially to ask the same person over and over again when they DON'T BELIEVE THE ANSWER. -.- Like seriously. Personally dislike, no HATE people to ask for repeated assurance or just repeated things. Freaking annoying.

So if you have your own opinion and won't believe my say; don't even bother asking me because I won't change my answer even if you ask me a million times.

To Fight Or Not To
(**This was in my draft for a few days...)
Was watching some show. It was a pretty much heart wrecking story to begin with. How a 9year old needs to suffer and fight against cancer. Then i had a notion. If i was in a similar situation- I doubt I'll have the courage to suffer pain while watching my loved ones suffer along side with me.
Emotionally, financially and physically.

I'm someone who's really afraid of pain and hates to cause inconvenience to other people; so giving up would be my choice.
I rather have the doctor end my pain when the future is uncertain and spare my family from the agony as well. Crying for a few months is better than feeling bad while watching me in pain and then cry for months when i finally lose the battle and go to heaven.
I'm really impressed with people who give a good fight to their illnesses.
But, I'm very selfish and is not as courageous. :S

Wait, is giving up considered as being selfish? :/
What would you do if you're in such position...?

But on the other hand, if my family member were to suffer- I'll totally respect his/her decision. It'll be damn tough to accept but yeah; that's what I'll prolly do. :S

Geez. Feel like crying.
Till here.

Royce Champagne choco is jjang! but chocolates doesn't bring up my mood at all. :'(

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