Monday, April 20, 2009

Freshly Popped~


First day of school isn't as bad and tiring as I thought. Lol. Maybe it's because tutorials were canceled and the day in school ended at 12pm instead of 5pm! Hohoho! Glad that I was able to wake up on time at A FREAKING 6AM! when I slept quite late the night before.
Met up with Stephanie and Gary for breakfast. Spent more time talking instead though. Haha! Before entering school, saw Gangyi and Leonard. Brought them to Admin office and *poof* mac for our "breakfast". Lol.

Books this semester is good! Lol. Not a lot and not very thick. :D What more can you ask for?! Lol. But first lecturer we've met today... STRICT and a bit scary! Lol. She call out names to answer questions like OMG! Lol. Infront of the other 9classes with us! Lol. Stephanie was the lucky one today. LOL! Lucky her~~ So much for "let's pray hard we won't kenna~" LOL!

BUT! Day 2's gonna be a killer! Lol. 8.30pm~ Godddddddddddd!

Bye! :D


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